Police going for a black and white look with their fleet of cruisers - Chief loves the one he got.

HRPS crestBy Staff

November 13, 2014



The old timers used to call them “Holsteins” by which they meant those black and white marking that used to be on the Ontario Provincial Police cruisers.

Police cruiser New_look

In about four years the complete patrol fleet of 110 vehicles will be done up in this black and white colour scheme. Chief Tanner apparently loves the vehicle assigned to him – especially the gas peddle.

Halton’s Regional Police seem to have a hankering for those days: their fleet of 110 cruisers are in the process of being done up in the new colours.

While the police have a healthy budget – they tend not to just throw money at projects. When new cruisers come into the fleet they are painted the new black and white.

The fleet coordinator advises that “on average, we cycle through 20 cruisers a year. We anticipate having the full fleet turned over in 3 to 4 years.


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