Police laid 2470 Highway traffic Act charges during back to school sweep.

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September 12, 2014



They called it Project Safe Start but there was nothing safe or re-assuring about the results.
Halton Regional Police wrapped up the 2014 Project Safe Start campaign by reminding the public to take extra care in and around School Zones and Community Safety Zones.

There are 2470 citizens who have a permanent reminder – they had charges laid against them for various offences.

These include:

Speeding 1286
Seatbelts 53
Stop Signs 197
Driving with Hand Held Device 187
Careless Driving 27
Driving while Suspended 6
Disobey Red Light 32
Other (misc. Highway Traffic Act Offences) 682

During the enforcement phase, several suspended drivers were taken off the road. Keep in mind that all of these charges occurred within School Zones and Community Safety Zones!

That is a scary piece of information.

Vigilance, due care and attention should always be paramount when driving; not just when police hold special campaigns such as Project Safe Start. Halton officers will still be out 24/7 keeping an eye on our roads to ensure safe travel for all.

The children of your friends, neighbours and colleagues have a right to feel safe from harm as they walk to school. Lighten up on that gas pedal. For the 187 that were using hand held devices – you deserve the fine you will get. Idiocy!

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1 comment to Police laid 2470 Highway Traffic Act charges during back to school sweep.

  • Joan

    It would do for us all to remember the It Takes A Village.
    We are All part of the Village whether it is to be mindful of our children or each other in times of Need.