Police working harder with a four part program to cut down on the speeding. They also have a place to snitch on bad drivers.tightening up

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August 27, 2015


Operation Decoy – it’s going to hit Burlington it is a Regional Police traffic safety initiative that utilizes education and enforcement strategies to reduce the speeds of vehicles travelling along roadways in Burlington.

Operation Decoy will create an awareness of a high profile police presence in an area through obvious visual cues. The targeted result is the reduction of speeds and the promotion of safer driving habits.

Police with radasr guns at Alton two officers

With the police office clearly visible – people were still pulled over for speeding.

The project will consist of four phases.

1) Speed Sentry equipment will be placed by officers in an identified area to capture traffic volume and speed data for a period of time. The Speed Sentry will display vehicle speed and the posted speed limit. This would be deemed an “education” period for drivers.

2) Placement of a marked police vehicle at the identified location to provide drivers with a highly visible deterrent from speeding as they will not be able to determine if police officers are present or not. The Speed Sentry equipment will remain in place collecting data from this period of the project.

3) Physical police presence at the location with speed enforcement equipment. Vehicles detected speeding will be stopped and issued a Provincial Offences Notice.

4) Remove marked police vehicle from the area leaving only the Speed Sentry to collect data for this portion of the project. Data will be analyzed and if appropriate the area will be revisited within a short period of time to reinforce the speed limits. Areas will be periodically checked for compliance and a repeat of the enforcement will be conducted if deemed necessary.

Signs are pretty clear.  Police still nabbed xx speeders during an All Hands on Deck which has the Chief of Police out writing up tickets.  The two officers shown here were kept busy.

Signs are pretty clear. Police still nabbed a number of speeders during an All Hands on Deck which had the Chief of Police out writing up tickets. The two officers shown here were kept busy.  Operation Decoy is upping the game with a more detailed program – obviously the police feel more presence is needed.

In order to increase safety it is necessary for the public to recognize that speeding is unacceptable and can have catastrophic repercussions. As a result, police are hoping this campaign will remind drivers that as their speeds increase so does the risk of a collision.

Road Watch:
The Halton Regional Police Service is committed to combating dangerous and aggressive driving behaviours that put all road users at risk.
If any citizen would like to report a traffic concern they can do so by visiting our website and making a Road Watch complaint.

ROAD WATCH is a community driven program encouraging anonymous reporting of incidents involving dangerous and/or aggressive driving. This program is an opportunity to bring an aggressive driver to our attention.

Be the extra eyes and ears and learn more here: https://www.haltonpolice.ca/PRC/Pages/ROADWATCH.aspx

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