Pot hole reporting goes electronic – no more calls to your city councillors; they will be happy campers.

By Staff

March 25, 2014


You will soon no longer have to call your council member to complain about pot holes on your street.

New city service: located on the city website.

The city is currently testing a software application that will be on the city’s web site that will allow you to report a pot hole, get a confirmation that the report was received and then get a notice telling you the pot hole has been fixed.

AND you will be able to go to a map and see all the pot hole reports that have been submitted and what their status is.  That should be a very busy map.

Deb Caughlin, E-GOV project manager sat before the city’s Development and Infrastructure committee and explained how this website application (they call it a widget) was going to work – and then made the mistake of trying to go live on-line and show council members how cool this was.

The demo had clearly not been fully tested – it didn’t work but Caughlin assured council that the thing did work – it was currently in the testing phase.

Form you use on-line to report a pot hole.  Pretty simple.  When testing is complete you will be able to see the report you made on a map as well as get a notice that your report was received and then a report when it has been fixed. City reports that there have been 440 reports of pot holes made so far – all by telephone or email.

Burlington has made a significant commitment to pushing as much as possible in the way of city hall interaction on-line.  It is easier for the public and requires next to nothing in terms of day-to-day staff time.  The initiative is one the city bought – $16,000 for the initial year – less for following years.

The service can be modified to be used to report sign problems, street lights and traffic lights.

This is the report you get back just as soon as you send in your pot hole report.

What if a bunch of high school students decide they want to flood the system with prank reports – the system is designed to spot when excessive traffic is coming from a single computer – which will make it difficult for that senior who has nothing better to do than pester city hall while they do their civic thing.

There will be glitches – but it’s a neat idea.  Right now you can go to the graphic on the home page of the city website – click on the image and you get taken to the widget.

At this point all you can do is report a pot hole.  Staff expects to have the testing and staff training done by the end of the first week in April and go live shortly after that.

You are asked for an email address – if you don’t give one – you can’t get a notice that the pot hole has been fixed.

This is a sample of the kind of map that you can log into to see how your pot hole is being taken care of and also just how many there are being fixed and their status.  Users will be able to zoom in and zoom out of the map.  Playing with this should keep some people up very late.

We will let you know when the service is fully operational – meanwhile you can report pot holes now.

The service is being built to operate on Smart Phones as well.  The service SEE, CLICK,FIX  is being used in city’s across North America.  If you are in a city that has the service you will be able to report pot holes there as well.  We can’t wait to learn that Hamilton is using the service.  Mains Street west is brutal.

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