Power restoration well under way with small pockets still without hydro.

December 24, 2013

By Staff

BURLINGTON, ON.  The city opened three locations where people could go to for warmth and shelter while power in residences was out if they were unable to find any other place to go to.

Burlington Fire Station No. 5, at 2241 Kilbride St., in North Burlington.  The Seniors’ Centre on New St., – Central Park adjacent to the Central Library and Arena and the Haber Recreation Centre in Alton Village at Tim Dobbie Dr., just north of Dundas were originally set up but by Monday evening the city was able to cut that back to just the one location – the Haber Recreation Centre.

Residents of North Burlington met at Kilbride Fire Station Monday afternoon for an update from the City,  Burlington Hydro and Halton Region about post-ice storm cleanup and power restoration efforts.

Power has been restored to most homes in Burlington, but there are still small pockets across the city without electricity.

Haber Recreation Centre gymnasium: Is this to be “home” for anyone in Burlington on Christmas Day?

Haber is now the city’s primary warming station. Residents from across the city who still lack electricity are encouraged to visit Haber Recreation Centre to warm up or stay overnight.

Those heading to the evacuation centre to stay overnight should bring the following items: sleeping bags, extra blankets, toiletries, medication, money, identification and warm clothes. Also consider books, board games, playing cards, electronic devices with chargers and extra batteries.

Domestic pets are also welcome at the evacuation centre and will be housed in a separate area. Please bring pet crates, food and pet dishes.

Kilbride Fire Station No. 5 will remain open overnight and tomorrow as a warming centre and as place for residents to pick up drinking water.

Now that the Haber evacuation centre is operational, the warming station at the Seniors’ Centre has been closed.

For more details:

See city updates at www.Burlington.ca  or directly at the city’s Ice Storm link

To report power outages and to hear the latest hydro updates,  call Burlington Hydro at 1-877-310-4937

To report fallen trees or branches call 905-333-6166 or email  rpm@burlington.ca

Halton Region will be picking up brush in the coming weeks in both urban and rural areas of the city.

Public inquiries can be directed tonight, Monday the 23rd  from 5 to 10 p.m. to 905-467-0135 and tomorrow, Tuesday the 24th from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m.


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1 comment to Power restoration well under way with small pockets still without hydro.

  • Joan Turbitt

    If ice,rain and wind conditions and power outages are that bad, why would they close the seniors center? Not everyone in this town has a car. Does no one realize that? Not only that we are being discouraged from driving. What earthly sense does this make?

    Thank God this is one problem I do not share this time.
    My sympathies and wishes for courage and the ability to look forward to Christmas celebrations althugh a doy or 2 late go out to all who share this difficult time. Hopefully you can share some good information with each other and be somewhat uplifted. My hope and I am sure that of many others that you all will make it home soon.