Pricey, pricey. How many complimentary tickets will there be?

By Jim M

BURLINGTON, ON August 29, 2011 – So finally, the long awaited, and much anticipated line up of performers at Burlington’s new center for the performing arts has been released. Power house acts such as World renowned Canadian soprano Adrianne Pieczonka , Canadian iconic group Lunch at Allen’s and the play Jason and the Argonauts, to name a few, will grace the new stage of this beautiful venue in the up coming months. Perhaps the biggest name announced will be Sarah McLachlan performing to what promises to be a full house for the “exclusive” Red Carpet event to mark the inaugural grand opening of this Performing arts center.

Going through the Burlington Performing Arts Centre’s first season brochure, nicely designed and presented you find that average ticket prices range from $28.00 – $55.00, with selected discounts for youth and seniors. For a special evening out these ticket prices are affordable and within the reach of the average family. Let us remember that this new facility is city run and paid for by the taxpayers of this city. Yet to be realized will be the true operating cost of this facility in which more taxpayers dollars could be spent.

What is of great interest, is the motivation of the board of directors to price what most would consider, the grand opening, a great event to be able to attend, way out of reach for the average family. At $400.00 plus tax per ticket, what family could? Has this been priced this way to only delight the well to do and all others need not enter. It would seem it is only lip service from our mayor and city councilors regarding community involvement and inclusivity.

How does alienating the larger portion of this cities population from a city run facility by shear cost give us the taxpayers, the feeling… we are important! When will our politicians truly walk the talk? Let’s not hope we hear that the board of directors of this facility, senior city staff, elected officials, and selected public figures have been given complimentary tickets. This quite frankly would represent a double hit to us the taxpaying community.

Editors note:

We normally do not post comments that are anonymous but in this instance we have done so and want to add the comment we got from the contributor.

Further to our conversation, I was not intending to have my name published. I am trying to find a job in the area and don’t want to jeopardize my ability to obtain work.

Jim’s comments do not speak well of Burlington – that a citizen would feel he cannot comment on public matters for fear of not being able to get a job. Unfortunate, very unfortunate – both for Jim and for Burlington.




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