Pride flag issues bedevil the Catholic School Board - federal MP's write an Open Letter

By Pepper Parr

January 16th, 2022



Tuesday of this week the Halton District Catholic School (HDCSB) Board will hear delegations related to raising a Pride flag and a Student Senate survey.

The Catholic school board has consistently resisted requests for a Pride flag outside any of their schools whereas the public school boar raises the Pride flag outside every school.  City Hall also raises the Pride flag outside city hall on appropriate occasions.

Burlington city council has allocated up to $10,000 per instantiation for Rainbow Crosswalks in every ward of the city.

The Catholic Student Senate is made up of three or four students from each high school plus the three student Trustees.

In their delegation the student senate asks that:

Our vision has been particularly informed by a desire to fight for equity and inclusion of all students in our schools. In times of increasing isolation, we recognize the importance of ensuring that all students feel welcome in our schools.

Our vision is to ensure that through the affirmation of the human dignity that our schools become a place where all students feel like they can achieve, believe, and belong.

We wish to not only highlight the voices of students that have historically been marginalized in our communities but ensure that we model Christlike leadership in our efforts to create an environment of compassion, kindness, humility, and faith at the HCDSB.

In a survey done by the Student Senate 70% of students responding want the Pride flag to be raised;

How strongly do you support the flying of pride flag in schools? (1 being strongly opposed, 5 being strongly in favour)

Approx. 6% of students responded strongly opposed

Approx. 8% of students responded opposed

4% of students responded neither opposed nor in favour
Approx. 15% of students responded in
Approx. 70% of students responded strongly in

As for the motion to raise the Pride flag – 11 delegations – 9 in favour.

This is an issue that is not going to go away.

Adding to what is a school board issue is the releasing of an Open Letter on Friday from the four area Members of Parliament (all Liberals) asking the Trustees to consider supporting the motion from the students.

In part, the four Members of Parliament wrote:

Next week, you can act to show the 37,000 students that you teach that the Halton Catholic District School Board embraces diversity, celebrates love, and recognizes the community’s desire to officially embrace the 2SLGBTQ+ members of your schools.

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3 comments to Pride flag issues bedevil the Catholic School Board – federal MP’s write an Open Letter

  • perryb

    totally confused logic here. Commenters basically saying “what rights do students have to demand anything?” and “ if they don’t like it, go to school somewhere else” and “why we are wasting money on this when there are other needs?” True, the MPs weighing in looks like a stunt, and if the Conservatives are working on the pandemic, rather than gifting online casinos with a windfall, it’s news to me.

  • Joe Gaetan

    Something the 4 self-serving Liberal MP’s don’t understand or appreciate is that the grassroots student senate and 85% of the students at HSDCB were either “in favor” or “strongly in favour” of the flags. What this body is doing is the foundation of our democracy. I support them and believe they can get the job done on their own. As to the HDCSB, they are also an elected body and like the 4MP’s are answereable to the electorate.

  • Mozelle Cole

    A survey done by the Student Senate… for a student issue… and the Liberal party gets involved? Is it just me or is there something amiss with this picture.
    The working public pays for schools. The students haven’t paid any taxes yet. How do they get to make demands? I get to chose where my tax paying dollars get spent. Today I would like it to go towards doctors and nursing staff who are struggling right before our eyes. I cannot believe that meetings and discussions are taking place on a flag issue at the present time. We are burying people daily. Can we discuss this instead – maybe get the students out to help in the hospitals.
    The workforce AND seniors pay for the schools. We get to choose (because we have earned it) which of the two school systems we would like to support. Likewise, the parents get to choose which school they wish their children to attend. We are so fortunate that we live in a country with rights, freedoms AND choices. In my opinion, if you don’t like one, you always have the other. Choose. Try to consider all the kids who do not get to go to school, instead of demanding. I sincerely hope the Trustees do not get “persuaded” by the Liberals to pass this motion. Where are the Conservatives? Oh, they are working on the pandemic…