Province will approve two new cannabis stores in Burlington: Mayor wants to nix one of them - too close to a high school.

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August 23rd, 2019



Burlington has learned that it can expect two more potential cannabis retail stores; one at 1505 Guelph Line and another at 1025 Plains Rd. E.

The Alcohol and Gaming Commission requires these new locations to provide proof of lease and the potential location for the store.

Once the Province gives notice that the opportunity for commenting is open, the City of Burlington will submit its feedback.

Meed Ward H&S profile

Mayor has always been a staunch supporter of cannabis stores.

In a Statement release by the Mayor’s Office earlier today she explained that, “previously proposed stores have been more than the Provincially-mandated 150 metres away from a school or other locations of concern, including parks, pools, arenas, libraries or recreation centres. They have also been located along transit routes and near the QEW/Hwy. 403.

“Of the two newly proposed locations, the one at 1025 Plains Rd. E. continues to meet the Province’s requirements and the City’s approved criteria.

New cladding roof MMR

High school is considered too close to the proposed cannabis store.

“The other newly proposed location, however, does not. While the proposed address of 1505 Guelph Line is more than 150 metres from nearby M.M. Robinson High School, it does not meet the set of criteria for locations and other considerations regarding cannabis stores we approved at Burlington City Council, nor the resolution brought forward by the subcommittee of the Large Urban Mayors Caucus of Ontario (LUMCO) that I sit on with three other mayors – two from jurisdictions that do not allow cannabis stores, and two that do.

“That resolution recommended changes to provincial regulations to give municipalities greater control over locations and proliferation of stores and was approved by LUMCO and forwarded to the province.

“Both documents mentioned above state that a store should strive to maintain a minimum 500 metres buffer distance from sensitive land uses like schools. The potential location on Guelph Line should not be one where we have a cannabis store in our city.”

Meed Ward has always been a staunch supporter of cannabis retail stores and “continues to support regulated cannabis stores in Burlington to give our residents safe, legal access to this product, and help combat black market sales.

“In consultation with the Halton Regional Police Service during the decision-making process, I learned that cannabis products purchased outside a regulated market are sometimes laced with illegal drugs, such as opioids. I also heard directly from residents, including many seniors, who have switched to cannabis for pain management and have gotten off opioids that are highly addictive and lethal.

“Nevertheless, myself and other mayors across Ontario will continue to advocate for additional regulatory controls over the location and number of stores within our cities. The City of Burlington will continue to monitor and report on any newly proposed locations as they arise.”

Shawna Stolte - smile

Shawna Stolte – voted against cannabis stores

Angelo B

Angelo Bentivegna voted against cannabis stores.

The Burlington council cannabis vote was: Mayor Meed Ward, Councillors Galbraith, Kearns, Nisan and Sharman voted for the motion – Stolte and Bentivegna voted against.

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1 comment to Province will approve two new cannabis stores in Burlington: Mayor wants to nix one of them – too close to a high school.

  • Alfred

    Kudos to the Mayor and the pro-cannabis councilors. Imagine the billions we spent fighting this war on cannabis.That was lost a long time ago. That could have been spent on building Hospitals and schools and housing instead of jails and courthouses. Just because the foolish electorate could not understand. That liquor was much more dangerous.and deadly. Great leaders educate the fools. Not agree with them. I understand that there has never been a recorded case of death by cannabis. The distribution location of this product would obviously be considered.