Province will give Burlington up to $3 million on a two for one matching formula. Some funds will flow before the end of the year.

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November 10, 2014



There is so much money coming to Burlington from the provincial government that Ron Foxcroft offered to loan the city a couple of Fluke Transport trucks to get it from Toronto to Burlington.

Ron Foxcroft is the owner of Fluke Transport and the Chair of the Burlington Community Foundation Disaster Relief Fund Raising Committee.

BCF - Foxcroft - Nadoo HArris, McMAhon - MAyor Goldring

From the left: Ron Foxcroft, Burlington MPP Eleanor McMahon, HAlton MPP Indira Nadoor Harris and Mayor Rick Goldring preparing to speak at the media conference where the provincial contribution of $3 million for disaster relief was announced.

MPPs Indira Nadoor-Harris of Halton and Eleanor McMahon, who represents Burlington in the provincial legislature, jointly announced this morning at a city hall media conference that the province has a approved a total of $3 million for Burlington to be given on a two-for-one basis.

If Burlington raises $1.5 million the province will send us $3 million

The Burlington Community Foundation has to date raised very close to $900,000

The 100 day campaign that Ron Foxcroft announced in August will come to a formal close on November 14th – this Friday.

Foxcroft has said there are still some significant corporate contributions to come in and the public can continue to donate until December 14th.

Mulholland at microphone with Moyle

Burlington Community Foundation president Collen Mulholland opens the media conference where the province announced grants of up to $3 million for Burlington. Regional Chair Gary Carr and Burlington Interim city manager Pat Moyle look on.

On December 15th donations close as to applications for financial support.

The funds raised will begin to be distributed once the deadline for applications closes. People who were uninsured or under insured are the only ones eligible for financial support – and that support covers just household essentials.

If the furnace was damaged – you will get compensation. If that 52 inch high definition television set was damaged – think in terms of a smaller less expensive television set.

That Persian rug you had will not be considered essential.

Forms for application for financial support are on the Burlington Community Foundation.

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