Provincial Liberals seek forfeiture of any assets used in the commission of a serious indictable offense.

By Staff

February 7th, 2022


There are going to be those who disagree with us but a demand made earlier today by the leader of the Ontario Liberal party made a lot of sense.  The truck occupations have to be brought to a peaceful end.

Ontario Liberals are calling on Doug Ford’s Conservatives to send a clear and unequivocal message to the illegal occupiers in Ottawa, “leave now, or risk losing your truck.”

Steve Del Duca wants the police to seize the trucks and sell them at auction

“The residents of Ottawa are victims of a dangerous antivax mob holding their city hostage,” stated Ontario Liberal Leader, Steven Del Duca. “It has gone far beyond what can be considered a protest and the occupation must be dealt with using strong action.”

In addition to declaring a provincial State of Emergency, I am also calling today, on the Provincial Attorney General to make clear that Crown prosecutors will follow the guidance in their Prosecution Manual, and will seek forfeiture of any assets used in the commission of a serious (indictable or hybrid) offense.

Ontario Liberals have previously called on the premier to pass Ottawa South MPP John Fraser’s Bill 2 to create safe zones around hospitals and schools, and force the organizers to reimburse the millions of dollars in extra policing costs incurred during the occupation by enacting Bill 68 which was already passed by the Legislature.

“Leave now or you will lose your truck is the message our Premier should be sending,” added Del Duca. “Doug Ford needs to come out today and announce a strong provincial response to end this occupation swiftly.”

The occupation is in its eleventh day, with Ottawa families exhausted and scared to leave their homes.

“It’s time to free the people of Ottawa from the antivax mob holding them hostage. People are scared, angry and looking for leadership to end the occupation, but they’ve been abandoned by a Premier who only coddles antivaxxers.”

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10 comments to Provincial Liberals seek forfeiture of any assets used in the commission of a serious indictable offense.

  • Carol Victor

    Bruce you are right. The political parties have swapped places. All of this stems from the influence of the Republicans and Trumpism. Who would ever have thought that a corrupt, uneducated, immoral and unpolished jerk could provide such a model for this disgusting anti-Canadian behaviour?

    • Bruce Leigh

      I saw the in sympathy protest in NZ was forcefully broken up by police. Imagine that, police enforcing the law. This will end up with massive police/military presence breaking it up with a great deal of force. It cannot be done soon enough. The Ottawa Police Chief needs to be fired.

  • Ted Gamble

    End all protests. How would Bruce suggest this be accomplished? Tanks, small arms or dialogue repeatedly ignored to date by the feds. After all protestors are all racists…the fringe minority.

    When the figure out how to deal with Ottawa which is a civic matter it looks like the feds will need to deal with the Ambassador bridge which is a federal responsibility.

    Unbelievably in my opinion I see the feds are now looking at inter provincial vaccine mandates for truckers. Talk about pouring gasoline on the fire. Another election call?

    Again lets blame made in Canada issues on America…..the absentee PM owns this situation…this is pure deflection.

    • Bruce Leigh

      Ted, you need to get a grip of the facts. Both the Ottawa and Windsor protests fall under municipal and Provincial jurisdiction. There are no protesters on the privately owned bridge. The blockades are on city and Provincial roads. Where is Doug Ford ?

      Ted, trans-border truckers are required by the USA fed govt to be fully vaccinated, mirroring the Canadian government mandate. So even if Canada removes its mandate those same stupid unvaccinated truckers would not be able to enter the USA.

      Yes, deal with force, which is what the protesters are, a criminal grroup forcibly preventing others from carrying on their lives, with police and military force. The protesters are not acting in a “Canadian” way. So they do not deserve to be treated in a “Canadian” way. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.

      What’s your solution, Ted? Do you have one to offer?

      • Ted Gamble


        Get a grip? Bruce this has not been about vaccinated truckers for some time.

        The protests appear to be loosely organized and appear to be focused on dropping all mandates. This omicron variant has completely changed the goal posts completely and politicians are reluctant in some cases to adapt at all. The science says two vaccines are not enough yet today only half of adult Canadians are boosted.

        I think this weeks almost unprecedented actions of two senor Liberal caucus members illustrate where the real problem lies and it rests with this Prime Minister, his tactics and continued lack of leadership.

        I gather you think we should send in the military to deal with these “criminals”. Ok Chairman let us know how that works out for you. I lived through the FLQ crisis in Montreal and vividly remember the letter bombs in my community, the murder of Pierre LaPorte etc, There is no comparison whatsoever to be made here whatsoever. What I see are peaceful non violent demonstration, many protestors with families.

        How often and long has Caledonia been held hostage with little or no police action and zero use of military? Where was Kathleen, Dalton, Doug et al? Frankly border crossings are international and despite the fact that they protest on entry roads its ridiculous to lay this on Ford or any other premier. Where is the federal leadership?

        As I write I hear Ford is joining (bravo) other Premiers in accelerating the dropping of vaccine mandates in Ontario and another convey is causing (federal jurisdiction) grief at the Ottawa Airport and more convoys are headed to the Peace Bridge and Toronto this weekend.

  • Robert Thibeau ( Bob )

    Typical Liberal response to anyone who disagrees with them. Shut them down. Politicians are elected to represent everyone not just those who voted for them.

    • perryb

      Bob, imagine some stranger with a grievance decided to blockade your driveway and refused to move for days because they were annoyed – not with you personally, just with something – for example the cost of housing. You might even agree they had a point. You might be willing to put up with this for a while, but soon you would have had enough. Especially if they set up camp on your lawn and played loud music all night. You would quickly put politics aside and demand that this be stopped.

      • David

        Living downtown I have to put up with all kinds of people shouting about something or other, BLM, Climate Change, Teachers, Health care workers, Marathons, LGBT not including all the festivals in the park. The increase in visitors in the summer due to Covid, Incredible traffic problems when the QEW is shut. Dump trucks and building noise daily.
        I get detoured, barricaded out of my street, wear hearing protection while gardening etc
        I wouldn’t change it for the world, wether I agree with their cause or not, I love the vibrancy and the visitors are wonderful and friendly.
        Truckers protesting wouldn’t, bother me either.
        I live in a City in close proximity to City Hall, what would I expect.
        If It bothered me I would move. I wouldn’t dream of silencing people with strong views.

        • Mary Hill

          How would you feel if those protesters, whose vibrancy you love so much, were to encamp themselves for 3 weeks so you and your family were unable to easily enter or exit your property either on foot or by car, and there was also a constant din of air horns ruining your ability to peaceably enjoy your property? I think your opinion might change quite rapidly. Easy to be magnanimous when totally unaffected.

  • Bruce Leigh

    It’s really quite ironic. Looking back at their previous positions on law and order issues one might have thought the NDP & Liberals would be the ones to side with protesters and their right to be heard. Whilst the PCs would be the party of law and order demanding police, military and whomever step in the break up the occupation.

    Yet it seems in this instance the parties have swapped their traditional positions. The position of the PCs clearly shows they have largely become like the Republicans in the USA, a party of unlawfulness, disorder and misinformation.

    It is time to end all the occupations/protests. No government should allow itself to be bullied or threatened by an unelected rabble.

    Ottawa Police Chief Peter Sloly has lived up to his billing and acted way too slowly in advance of the protest and in everything since. He let the whole affair get away from him.