Public School Board Chair urges people to run as trustees in October election

By Margo Shuttleworth

July 29th, 2022



As the deadline draws near for people to submit their names to run in the upcoming municipal election, there is a notable absence of names being put forward to run for School Board Trustee. At first glance, this can be seen as a vote of confidence from the community that we are doing things right at the board table. However, with several Trustees in Burlington and Oakville not seeking re-election, it has left places at the table to be filled.

Dr. Margo Shuttleworth, Chair Halton District School Board

The role of a trustee is not an easy one. There is a large time commitment involved in juggling work commitments, however, it is extremely rewarding. We have done many great things over the past four years during my term which, as a board, we are all proud of:

We launched and are responding to our Reimagine Forward initiative

We created a Multi-Year and are working hard to fulfil our goals and commitments with a focus on students’ learning and achievement, mental health and well-being, equity and inclusion, indigenous perspectives and environmental leadership

We have work hard to represent those traditionally underrepresented groups

We have asked hard question but have always ensured we are kind and respectful

(and probably most importantly) we have worked collaboratively as a team to support students, families and staff

These great achievements are some of the amazing pieces of being a trustee. We all came to the table for different reasons, and that diversity of opinion is something that makes our board so great.

Please consider what your reasons may be. Look at it from a positive lens, what you can add, how you can contribute and how you can serve your community. Reach out to your Trustees to get information as to what is involved. I know the Trustees who are seeking different paths in this upcoming election are happy to chat and would welcome the opportunity for some new and diverse voices to be at our table. We want our students to see themselves within the people who represent them. It is disappointing that we have not seen more interest in the trustee role, but I hope that people will reach out to either myself or your local trustee, find out what is involved and consider the opportunity.

Dr Margo A Shuttleworth is the Chair of the Halton District School Board and the Trustee for ward 4.  She can be reached at
905 691 4508
Twitter: @margoshuttle
Facebook: Margo Shuttleworth Burlington Ward 4 Trustee
Instagram: Margo4Trustee

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1 comment to Public School Board Chair urges people to run as trustees in October election

  • Stephen White

    When the Harris government cut the salaries of school board trustees in the late 1990’s they effectively neutered the role while diminishing the impact trustees had upon education policy at the local level. Trustees in Halton are currently paid roughly $16,400 for a role that demands attendance at meetings, participation on committees, responding to constituent needs, and providing oversight of education officials.

    While remuneration isn’t the primary reason most people run for office compensation levels at least need to be proportionate to the amount of time expended and the level of commitment required.