Public school board posts policy documents on its web site - not that easy to find - Gazette provides instructions.

News 100 redBy Walter Byj

October 29, 2015


In an effort to be as transparent as possible with their decision making, the Halton District School Board posts their policies, procedures and by-laws on their website so that they are visible to the public.

HDSB sign with flagWhen there are updates or changes to the policies, the board will post the revised policies for a minimum of 25 days period for public comment on any upcoming changes.

In many cases, the number of comments has been to a minimum. Is this an indication of policies that are so well thought out that additional changes are not necessary or is the website not user friendly thus inhibiting public input?

There are currently three policies and procedures under review on the website awaiting public input. Following these steps will lead you to the site. The three policies are: Director’s Performance Review, Policy Development and Review and Trustees Code Conduct

To find the reports:

Go to
Click on the link Boardroom and Trustees
Under Resources, click on Policies and Procedures under Review.


Return to the Front page
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