Public will get a look at what if any changes in the original plan have been made by the developer on the Waterfront Hotel site

By Pepper Parr

February 22, 2022



The event is set up as a Statutory Public Meeting taking place during a Standing Committee this evening, Tuesday at 6:30 pm

Log into the city calendar and work your way to the Committee meetings part and select the 22nd.

That will get you into the meeting where you can watch and take part.

The Statutory Review is required by the Planning Act.  The review is about an Applications to amend the Official Plan and Zoning By-law owned by Burlington 2020 Lakeshore Inc. Addresses: 2020 Lakeshore Road

There are two process taking place within the same basic time frame.

Many wonder what the one process means to the other.


Applications were submitted by owner and deemed Complete on December 2021

The site is : 0.76 hectares; Frontage on Lakeshore Rd: 114 m,  Frontage on Elizabeth St: 50 m

Proposed Mixed-Use Development is as follows:

  • Residential: 557 apartments
  • Hotel: 122 suites
  • Retail/commercial: 4,445 m2
  • Office: 4,348 m2
  • Two tall buildings: 35 & 30 storeys with 5-storey podiums
  • 598 parking spaces
  • Proposed Floor Area Ratio: 76:1

What it works out to is set out below.

This is what the owners of the Waterfront Hotel want to do with their space. It is your city and your park. Is this the best the city can get?

What will the site look like from different streets that leads to Lakeshore road ?


The question the Gazette is asking is set out in the graphic below..


Take part in the Statutory meeting this evening and if you don’t like what you see stand up on your hind legs and bark.  Do the same thing if you like what you see.  It is your city – it is your park.

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2 comments to Public will get a look at what if any changes in the original plan have been made by the developer on the Waterfront Hotel site

  • Susie

    How sad is leadership today?? As Winston Churchill said: those that fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it, and this is so true everywhere today. OMG, we are falling so fast!

  • Peter Rusin

    Introducing….the Marilyn’ meed ward towers. Save the waterfront, vote for me; stop development, vote for me. Hahaha; the show tonight should be fun to watch, too bad its only a video format and not in person like these things should be. Best advice – go straight to the OLT and deal with intelligent and sensible people to get the best outcome and shovels in the ground already. Don’t waste any more time with this petulant mayor and ineffective council.