Ontario Municipal Board has another customer, Queensway community wants a hearing.

By Pepper Parr

BURLINGTON, ON August 15, 2011 – The Queensway community, that collection of neat, smallish houses on really large lots south of the QEW and west of Guelph Line has decided they don’t think they have to accept the decision of city council to let a developer put up 54 units on land that had just six dwellings and they have taken their complaint to the Ontario Municipal Board (OMB) where they will argue their case for a reduction in the number of units.

Until there is a decision, the develop has to sit on his hands and wait. Richard Szymczyk, the very able community spokesperson is leading the effort even though he no longer lives in the community. His view is that he doesn’t want to abandon his neighbours even though he doesn’t live amongst them.

Sign selling homes that may not get built for some time..

Sign selling homes that may not get built for some time..

Szymczyk put forward a pretty sound argument at the committee level where his neighbours were also heard. When the matter got to Council, Szymczyk got cut short and wasn’t given time to complete his delegation. He had gone past the five minutes allotted but others had been given a little extra time in the past. Queensway didn’t get that courtesy.

Burlington knows that it has to intensify and the Queensway community looked like a good place to add additional housing – most felt that going from 6 to 54 was just a bit too much. Let’s see what the OMB thinks.

When the community took their argument to city council they failed to convince a majority that the development was far too big. Szymczyk had a number of very capable communicators with him – it will be interesting to see how the OMB reacts to their concerns.

We will try to keep you posted.




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