Readers commenting on just how things sometimes get done in the city

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September 24th, 2020



There are in this city people who pay attention and appreciate that the Gazette will hear what they saw and make their thoughts available to a wider community.

What a reader from the western side of the city said, in her usually direct language:

“This is what pisses me off…hearing that last night 60 people attended a Rotary charity fundraiser. Yes, I understand that the covid bylaw is private gatherings…but my God…when are people going to use good and safe judgment.”

graphic - Agenda for the 28thAnother reader who scans the council meeting agendas pointed out that “…this is a first. No details or agenda for Monday’s Council meeting. No ability to delegate.

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2 comments to Readers commenting on just how things sometimes get done in the city

  • The agenda is now up Steve. But you are absolutely right as is the Gazette reader and the Gazette for bringing it to the public’s attention.. It was too late for those of us who may have wanted to delegate on any of the several important issues including recommendations from a Statutory public meeting to have properly reviewed and researched the issues before Council on Monday to determine if we agree with the recommendations going forward and would like to support or speak against them. This is a ludicrous state of affairs especially as the Clerk and all Council members had it brought to their attention that the September 22, 2020 Statutory Public Meeting notice failed to inform the public that they had an opportunity to register as a delegation during the live webcast rather than having to register by noon the day before the meeting. Further, they did not have to provide Committee with a copy of their delegation notes prior to the meeting if delegating on any of the statutory public meeting matters. There is one item from the Septembver 22, 2020 public meeting which is not recommended for approval and could result in an LPAT appeal. The city is not dotting its i’s or crossing it’s t’s when it comes to potential LPAT appeals which it absolutely must do if the city is going to effectively defend its decisions and efficiently spend our tax dollars. . .

  • Steve G

    I’m surprised, I would have thought that agendas were required to be published. Great idea to limit public involvement.