Refreshing voice from part of Burlington's diverse community decides to run in ward 6 - nine people now going after the Lancaster seat.

council 100x100By Pepper Parr

September 12, 2014



At one point there were actually eleven candidates for the ward 6 Council seat – which has to be a bit depressing for incumbent Blair Lancaster.

For candidates to come out of the woodwork at this late date in the election process suggests there are a lot of people who are not happy with the representation they are getting and a number of people who think the lady can be beat.

Jivan S

Ward 6 mortgage broker with experience as a youth on a Mayor’s Crime Prevention Committee Jivan Sanghera filed his nomination papers earlier this week.

One of what we believe is now just nine candidates, is Jivan Sanghera, a ward 6 resident who at one point lived on the same street Lancaster lives on.

Sanghera is part of that diverse community that is beginning to become part of the larger community. He was born in Hamilton and is as Canadian as they get; refreshingly so.

Sanghera will be on the ballot. Later today Angela Morgan, Clerk for the city of Burlington and the person responsible for running the administrative side of the election, will close nominations and on Monday release a list of the people whose names will be on the ballot October 27th.

Jivan Sanghera, who has lived in Burlington since the age of six was born in Hamilton. The 37 year old mortgage broker lists the Air Park as the top priority for the ward, followed by the development of the infrastructure. He also has some strong views on the board of education, but realizes they are not a city council issue.
When 17 years old Sanghera was a member of the Mayor’s Crime Prevention committee and says “the city has been good to me and I am at that point in my life where I can participate in civic affairs.

“My goal as Councillor for Ward 6 in Burlington is to ensure that our tax dollars are spent in an efficient manner, to ensure our services are delivered as expected. The public is entitled to wait times that are hours, not months or years. We are entitled to recreational facilities for all who make up the vibrant community we live in. Ward 6 is by far one of the most ethnically diverse areas in the city, and to watch everyone interact and grow together is a beautiful picture, of not only what this city strives to be, but what this country strives to be.

“We must attract businesses, and employers who can assist in building an even better city by contributing well-paying jobs to the local economy.

“We have wonderful facilities in Arts and Culture that I believe are under-utilized. It would be my goal to open the eyes of residents to the wonderful things happening around town.

“Our medical needs are changing” said Sanghera, who wants to work with health care providers to make sure that we are treated quickly, with a standard of care that anyone would expect for their family.
Sanghera is young, exceptionally well spoken; this guy doesn’t hesitate when asked questions; certainly worth listening to. He will be a participant in the September 24th all candidate debate at Hayden High School.

“When elected you won’t wonder where I am. You will see me on the streets, in the parks, at the hockey rinks, sharing this community with you. With me as your Councillor you will be able to communicate issues as small as a full garbage can, and as large as a matter of public safety.”

“As our city continues to grow and change, we must ensure that our infrastructure can handle the additional pressure. We must ensure that our public transit system reflects the needs of commuters and casual users. It must be a real option to get around the city.”

Refreshing indeed – this young man is worth listening to. His campaign web site is HERE

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19 comments to Refreshing voice from part of Burlington’s diverse community decides to run in ward 6 – nine people now going after the Lancaster seat.

  • Ronald

    This Jivan fellow seems to be a dishonest person, you quite frankly doesn’t know what our ward requires very similar to Lancaster. At least I won’t be voting for these 2 idiots.

  • Shalu

    I would just like to apologize if I have offended anyone in any way. That was not my intention. All of you are right, I should not have commented in the first place.
    I respect that everyone is entitled to their opinions. In fact, I believe all of you have brought up some very important issues.
    I realized that I myself would want to HEAR what a Candidate has to say on specific issues. I would want my questions answered, and I would definitely challenge a Candidate. I definitely would not want to be told to go check the candidates website, etc.
    The fact that all of you have taken the time to give your comments is proof that you all are familiar with Burlington and the issues in Ward 6. The fact that you all are commenting in The Burlington Gazette is also proof that you are aware about the debate and when and where it’s happening as it was mentioned previously in The Gazette.
    To be honest, at first I didn’t realize what I had said wrong, and perhaps was hurt by some of the comments. But at that point I was only thinking as Jivan’s wife.
    Then I realized that there are very important issues/ questions that are being asked. And that’s when I realized as a resident of Ward 6, that I would be asking and saying the same stuff.
    I too would be annoyed if a Candidate’s spouse took the time to comment first and not the Candidate.
    Thanks & Best Regards,

    Shalu Sanghera

  • Cliff

    Tony’s right. If you are serious about your campaign – no, let me rephrase that – if you are intelligent in your campaigning, you will recognize that this “newspaper on line” reaches way more folks than will ever be able to pack that one room in that one night for your debate.

    Let’s hear something “refreshing” from you that will compel the voters in your Ward to mark an X beside your name in October.

    I would like to hear more from you Jivan, before the debate, but definitely not the boiler plate, political rhetoric on your website. And I’m not interested in what you put in your belly or that you’re “quite sure” Shula is the name. Young man, that was a foolish, one might say devious, statement to emit, since we now know she is your wife. (And it was just as foolish to allow her to speak for you in the first place)

    Here’s what I want to now from you now: What are you going to do about the Airpark in your Ward that, as I have read here, has already damaged properties and lives fro 6+ years by its ungoverned fill operation, and threatens to damage even more lives – residents and visitors alike in the future – not only due to the yet-to-be located contaminants, but by the owner’s threat to turn it into a Buttonville West.

    Floor’s yours. But only if you’re sincerely committed to your electoral base.

  • Tony Pullin

    Right then. Thank you for setting the record straight and realizing the importance of disclosure. In the meantime, why wait for the debate to present your platform or have open discussion with the voters? Do it now! Do it here while you have an audience.
    The successful Councillors are out there in full force every day .You may just reach more people here, than at the debate so don’t wait.

  • Hi Tony, it was never my intent to call anyone a “voyeur” nor do I think anyone in here has something against ethnic people. Also never in my life have I considered myself a victim. I think this is going down the wrong road. As a matter of the comments Shalu made she was just defending me. I have no personal issue with what anyone here has said, nor have I meant to imply it. I also don’t think anyone here is stalking me. For my inside halton profile, I should not have released my kids names, which is why I thanked the person for bringing it to my attention. Again back to the reason i’m running, and that is because I care about this city, and I want to see it return to number 1. This will by my final comment. I will leave the rest for the debate.

  • Hi Greg,

    Thanks for taking the time to look further into my life. Yes Shalu is indeed my wife. which is why she rushed to defend me. She has said nothing defamatory and hasn’t harmed anyone with her comments.

    I guess I should be prepared for people to look into my private life if I’m running for a public office.

    I do sincerely hope that any correspondence or discussion is aimed directly at me, as my family is there for my support. Not public consumption. Thank you for reminding me that I did mention their name in something, I will have it amended.

    • Tony Pullin

      Jivan, before you go down this road of characterizing somebody as some kind of internet voyeur, keep in mind that your spouse Shalu, in a public forum, made a suggestion to Google you and visit your facebook page. I too, followed that advice and came to the same conclusion as commenter Greg. The way this comment stream reads is that complicitly, by your lack of disclosure, you suggest that one commenter “hates”, another has “something against ethnic people” and another is some kind of internet stalker. Oh, and YOU are the victim! Good grief.

  • greg fabian

    I wonder if Shalu has a larger interest in the election of Jivan other than from a friend’s perspective.

    I went to Jivan’s website to do a little research on him and his platform for the upcoming election. He has a nice picture of his family but does not disclose their names, only that of the family dog, Dukey.

    But in the bio of all candidates that was published by another Burlington journalistic venture their names and ages were listed.

    Shalu is named as his wife.

    On June 2 Jivan tweeted “I’d like to welcome Shalu Sanghera to my office as my new administrator/boss lol. Heres hoping she doesn’t quit.”

    I think that for full disclosure Shalu and Jivan should declare their relationship.

  • Pat

    Atta boy, Jivan – I figured if you had any cajones you’d rise to my bait.

    Doesn’t matter that it’s 2014 or 1999…my making typos (or Freudian slips) is timeless – in this case, priceless.

    Glad you’ve called off your “killer” friend – Shalu was defending you with blubber not meat.

    Looking forward to hearing your positions on matters raised in the Debate, and of course how you summarize the validity of your candidacy in your own remarks.

    Good Luck in your campaign!

    • Tony Pullin

      Pat, my spelling also leaves alot to be desired. I do try to pay special attention to names. It is unfortunate that you misspelled commenter Shalu’s name, and Shalu misspelled commenter David Humner’s name. A “Hummer” is a large SUV.

  • greg fabian

    Pepper, what does “is as Canadian as they get; refreshingly so” mean?
    Jivan, what does “I’m about as Canadian as you can be” mean?

  • David, Pat and Shalu. Thank you for taking the time to post on the article.

    David. – sir the facilities in my neighbourhood are not brand new. Ward 6 has a mix of homes. Some of which are more than 30 years old. As a matter of my inability to present a platform I appreciate your opinion but respectfully disagree. My “platform” is that I want to see our tax dollars go further than they currently do. My belief is that the previous council did not direct funds to the areas of need in the city. I’m sure this will be a debate topic so I’d ask that you reserved judgement on me and my “platform” until that time.

    Pat – i can appreciate your sense of humour. Sir/madam I am not playing on the ethnic vote. I do think your observation is spot on though. No other candidate has taken the time to recognize the diversity of this ward. I will let you know that I’m about as Canadian as you can be. My circle of friends and family can not be identified by a skin tone. My favourite food groups include steak, bacon, and eggs. Sometimes all at once. My identification of pertinent issues is based on what I feel. I don’t see a lot of candidates standing on specific issues. If some one is choosing to defend me I genuinely appreciate it, but I can defend myself in any arena sir/madam. Of note as a matter of respect especially in the year 2014 you may consider taking the time to note if you’ve spelled someone’s name correctly. I’m quite sure Shalu is the name and Shamu was a killer whale.

    Shalu – thank you for defending me. I will take it from here.

    Please do bring your popcorn to the debate. It should be entertaining.

    • Tony Pullin

      Jivan, I did a quick google search as per Shalu’s suggestion. From information provided in another publication, it appears that Shalu is the name of your spouse. Is that the same Shalu that is posting here? It appears that you have recently been a Director for the Halton Federal Liberal Association (not sure why the Gazettle did not include this information). You strongly criticize council for not effectively eliciting disaster relief from the Province for the recent flood. What words would you have for our Provincial members of Parliament?
      I do appreciate that you have taken the opportunity to post here, something that few candidates have done. Since I have your ear, if elected, would you be a full-time Councillor, and be prepared to leave your present career? Also, where would you stand on the issue of the City’s intent to relieve themselves of waterfront property?
      Shalu, I think that your implication that one commenter “hates” and another “has something against ethnic people” is quite over the top.
      Mr. Parr, you state that Mr. Sanghera is”As Canadian as they get; refreshingly so”. What does that mean? Since you appear to endorse Mr. Sanghera would you care to disclose any relationship that you may have with this candidate before the Ward 6 debate of which you will be moderating?

  • Shalu

    Dear Pat,

    Jivan is not playing the ethnic card. I challenge you Pat to google him, check out his credentials. He knows many in Burlington. Check out his facebook page.
    You obviously have something against ethnic people by calling them fringe candidates.
    But I agree on one thing: the debate will be intereresting!

    • Pat

      Dear Shamu,

      Look at the headline of this article on your friend.

      Read your friend’s statement and those of the other candidates.
      I believe he’s the only one that talks about diversity – aka: ethnicity.

      Speaking of google, why not use it to discover the definition of “fringe candidate”.

      With all due respect, your posts are not doing your friend any favors.
      In fact, if your friend wants to develop a connection to the readers, some of whom may be part of his potential voting base, he should be posting here, not you.

      I’m quite looking forward to hearing your friend present his views in the Debate.


  • Pat’s how I read the playbook so far:

    Lancaster will play the incumbent card.

    Bentivegna will play the small businessman card.

    Hlusko will play the education card.

    Wahini will play the compassionate card.

    Warren will play the Greenbelt card.

    Curran will play a marked card from his own deck.

    And now Sanghera and the other fringe candidates will play the ethnic card?

    Bring on the popcorn – this debate should be one helluva entertaining evening!

    • Henri de Beaujolais

      I agree with almost all of your statements Pat. The difference I see is Sanghera will probably play the corporate business card. Seeing as he, amongst The other candidates, has a corporate business background.

      Hlusko, who I see as a top candidate, is strategically avoiding media. Her one dimensional approach (trying to dictate what gets published about her and avoiding debates ) will not sit well with residents who want to make an informed decision. People want to hear their future counselor speak. Being a counselor means being in front of people and being able to articulate ideas and thoughts coherently. Hopefully people are not voting on sharp looking lawn signs and fluffy websites alone.

  • David Humner

    What a joke. Infrastructure and community centres – both of which are brand new where he himself lives. His basic lack of understanding how to build and present a platform means I wont vote for him.

    • Shalu

      Dear David Hummer,

      Why don’t you attend the debate and see for yourself what everyone has to say? I don’t see anything brand new in the Headon Forest area? (Where he lives). Before you assume his lack of understanding on how to build and present a platform, I challenge you to come to the debate. See all the candidates speak for yourself. Let’s meet. Voice your opinions, but do not assume and do not hate!