Region wil handle the distribution of food cards for those that lost everything during the power outage.

By Staff


January 7, 2014

In the world of social benefits and pension December is a different month.  The federal government sends out pension money around the 20th of the month – when it is normally sent out the last few days of each month.

People stock up because they know there isn’t going to be another cheque until the end of January.  Thus there were a lot of homes with a lot of food in the freezer.  When the lights went out – the food went bad and had to be thrown out.

The provincial government put in a plan to give people bank cards with food money and most of the supermarkets as well as Canadian Tire pumped money into the program.

It took a week or so but the province realized that the world does not end at the Toronto border and some of that food card money will be working its way to Halton.

Later today, the Region expects to publish information on where the food cards will be available and how they can be obtained.

The Region does point out that there is going to be a very limited allocation for Halton and that these cards are for people who are already on assistance and have no other way to purchase the food they need.

Given that social assistance is handled by the Regional government they already have lists of names and know for the most part where the need is most pressing.

There will be more information from the Region later today.

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1 comment to Region wil handle the distribution of food cards for those that lost everything during the power outage.

  • Veronica Rottenburger

    It was a lot colder outside than inside my freezer, so how does food go bad? Also, do most people requiring financial assistance have freezers full of food? This program makes no sense whatsoever.

    As stated in this article, the Regional government already has a list of people who may require assistance, and therefore there is no need for special cards and additional administrative effort, just help the people who need help without having a big parade; that was a photo-op for Wynne which only made fools of people.