Regional back-to-school road safety initiative in place till September 13th – some stupid drivers out there.

September 4, 2013

By Staff

BURLINGTON, ON.  It’s those first few days of the back to school period; when the kids are not thinking about traffic – their minds are on getting to school and meeting their friends.  And the drivers aren’t used to all those kids at the cross-walks and wandering across the street without looking both ways – and those buds in their ears don’t help.

Back in 2006, the Regional Police realized that some educating was necessary and created a multi-faceted campaign that focused on both awareness and enforcement as key components in changing established driver behaviour. 

During those early days of school each September police officers focus their efforts on speeding and aggressive drivers, proper use of seat belts and laws relating to the use of hand-held communication devices.

 Earlier today a Milton District Response Officers stopped a transport truck with a float trailer passing P.L. Robertson Public School on Scott Boulevard.  The driver was not wearing a seat belt and had a large piece of machinery on the trailer that was not secured.  The driver was issued three provincial offences notices for Highway Traffic Act violations.

Another vehicle stop was conducted involving an overloaded dump-style truck pulling a large two-axle trailer, as it passed by Our Lady Victory School Catholic Elementary School on Derry Road and Commercial Street.   The vehicle was found to have improper brakes, overweight and a multitude of administrative offences.  Both the truck and trailer were taken out of service and the driver was issued 12 provincial offences notices.

 This year’s campaign will run until September 13th and serves to enhance overall safety within our communities.

Keep your eyes on the road, pay attention and stay off that cell phone.



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