Rickli Sculpture Finally has a Home of its own at the AGB

By Pepper Parr

April 21st, 2022



A number of years ago insurance executive Dan Lawrie  donated a healthy sum to the Art Gallery of Burlington to commission a Walt Rickli sculpture that would sit in the Outdoor Garden that was eventually named after the Lawrie  Family.

I was personally impressed with the work – to me it was an incredible work of art. The AGB curator at the time saw it as very good craft work; he didn’t see the interpretation that Rickli felt the work expressed.

The sculpture, which was very heavy, was put in storage and remained there for a number of years.

I had occasion to be in the Art Gallery recently and asked whatever happened to the work – and was told that it is now in the Garden.

I skipped around to the Conservatory and there it was.

Photographed it so you can see what Rickli did – when you are in the Art Gallery next see for yourself and decide if this is art or craft.

It was certainly a large work and weighed a tonne. It was paid for by a respected citizen with the work done by a respected and award winning artist.

There is an obligation to at least support and recognize our own.

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2 comments to Rickli Sculpture Finally has a Home of its own at the AGB

  • Robert Steven

    If I recall correctly, I think it was only in storage for about a year. We weren’t able to devise a successful winter display strategy in the Dan Lawrie Family Courtyard, so I believe it was brought in one spring, and it spent the winter in storage, then was installed in the Conservatory in the spring of the following year. Walt designed the pond and the landscaping to complement the work and relate it to the Conservatory.

  • Mozelle Cole

    This sculpture is truly amazing. I saw it last week and thought what a great addition to the AGB. I have seen his work before. Amazing.