Robber breaks into cars big time – has been charged with 17 counts of theft. Many from cars with unlocked doors

By Pepper Parr

BURLINGTON, ON  January 7, 2013  Is it because we are the second nicest city in Canada to live in?  Is it because we perceive the city to be a safe place so there is nothing to worry about.  OK, so there are a few break ins, some small thefts but we don’t have a crime problem do we?  Our homes are safe places and our cars are safe in our driveways – aren’t they?

Apparently not. Halton Police recently arrested a man and charged him with 17 offenses – all related to breaking into cars – and there wasn’t much breaking in to do – most of the cars were left unlocked.

On January 3, 2013 at 3:30 a.m., an alert citizen,  in Acton, contacted police to report a man breaking into vehicles on his street.

A concerted response by uniform officers resulted in the quick arrest of an Acton man who when apprehended, was in possession of several stolen items.

The investigation to date has determined multiple vehicles were entered on Greenore Crescent, Cameron Street, Kingham Road, Church Street East, Gould Crescent, Wright Avenue and Birchway Place all in Action.  If it is happening there – it can happen here as well

Jeffery McBEAN, 26 has been charged with 17 counts of Theft under $5000 and two counts of possession of stolen property.

Deputy Police Chief Andrew Fletcher (he’s the one with all the gold braid) and Auxiliary police officer Voorberg putting a notice on a vehicle that had objects of interest to thieves. This was the kick off of the Lock It or Lose It campaign.

The vast majority of the incidents involved vehicles that were left unlocked, this despite a recent Provincial Campaign, ‘Lock it or Lose it’, aimed at urging motorists to lock their vehicles and keep valuables out of sight.

These particular crimes are largely preventable by simple crime prevention techniques including:

–  Parking in an enclosed garage OR well lit area.

–  Never leave valuables in plain sight OR remove from vehicle entirely.

–  LOCK your vehicle.

Residents in the Alton Community,  north of Dundas and west of Appleby Line,  have a system that allows one person to tell others electronically that something is going on.  The Alton resident’s, who have organized themselves with an electronic service that gets word out on problems in the community, sort of like an electronic Neighbourhood Watch, recently sent out an alarm and the person breaking into cars was nabbed.

This reporter was taking part in the media event at which Halton Police launched their Lock It or Lose It drive and got a notice from police on the spot that he had left a purse sitting in the front seat of the car and got a warning notice.

It is surprising that cars being broken into are not stolen as well.

Lock it or Lose It – these guys are out their – 17 charges – that’s going to keep this one off the streets for a period of time – hopefully.

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