Same old, same old for Burlington. Federal constituency boundaries to remain the same.

By Pepper Parr

BURLINGTON, ON  August 28, 2012  If things stay the way they are going Burlington`s Marvelous Mike will not have to convince anyone new to vote for him in the next federal election.

Elections Canada is proposing that the boundary for the constituency of Burlington remain the same which means MP Mike Wallace will work the same fields he did last time out – he did rather well then; took 54% of the vote which was an increase from the 48.6% he got in 2008.

Boundaries for the riding of Burlington will stay the same. Oakville gets an additional seat and Halton gets bits and pieces chopped off.

A look at the voting results over the last 20 years shows Burlington to be a distinct Tory blue at the federal level.  Torsney was the first to bite into the lead they held all the way back to the 1979 Bill Kempling days.

At her very best Paddy Torsney got 46% of the vote.

Halton, the constituency to the North of Burlington will exchange some territory with Milton

Oakville will lose a small chunk in its northeastern section.  Hamilton has a number of changes but Burlington will stay the same.

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