Shane Cooper got left off the list; our apologies.

By Pepper Parr

BURLINGTON, ON.  July  2, 2013.  Somehow we missed one – there were xx people arrested and charged with various offenses last week and we reported on that occurrence but Shane Cooper got left out of that editorial roundup.  We wouldn’t want Mr. Cooper to feel left out – so here is what they nailed him for:

Shane COOPER (41 years) of Carlisle.
Conspiracy to traffic (2 counts)
Trafficking (Cocaine)
Trafficking (Marihuana) 2 counts
Possession for the Purpose (Marihuana) 3 counts
Possession for the purpose (Cannabis resin) 2 counts
Possession of Cocaine
Possession of Oxycodone
Possession Hydromorphone
Produce a controlled substance.

The first part of that series of arrests is detailed in a previous report.

Police in the Region spend the bulk of their time on traffic offenses and drug raids which usually includes the Guns & Gangs Guys as well.  The two seem to go together.

Elsewhere in the paper we pass along the view of our columnist Ray Rivers who thinks some drugs should be legalized.

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