Something fishy about a numbers report from Parks and Recreation

By Pepper Parr

December 10th, 2021



Was it Santa who was counting the number of people he waved to?

During a Standing Committee Chris Glenn, Director of Parks, Recreation and Culture commented on the Santa Trail that took place last Saturday and Sunday.

The Gazette assigned reporters to the event and we published an article on what took place on both the Saturday and the Sunday.

In his report to the Standing Committee Glennn reported that 15,000 people watched the event.

The spectators at any one point on the Santa trail were never any bigger than this – do the math to figure out how the Parks and Rec people got 15,000

That number didn’t square with what we photographed so I got back to the reporters. One said that if Glenn was counting the houses that the Fire truck with Santa drove by – then he might be right.

“But there was nothing near 15,000 people on the streets of the city.”

One reporter said that the picture he submitted was as large as any of the crowds got.

Something wasn’t right – we reached out to Glenn asking where he got his numbers – didn’t hear back from him.

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2 comments to Something fishy about a numbers report from Parks and Recreation

  • Greg S

    I don’t agree Perryb. Facts matter. Unsubstantianted statements by people spending taxpayers money should not go without question. It’s important to hold people to account.

  • perryb

    Tempest in a teapot. I would like to report that the parade went by my house and we ran to the door in time to see most of the vehicles. We did not know, or forgot, when this was going to happen, so we weren’t dressed and waiting at streetside but were pleased nonetheless. Add two spectators to the count, and I suspect there were many more like us. So counting houses may make some sense, assuming there is any need at all to have a count. Or waste people’s time demanding an explanation.