Still a lot of questions over the public spectacle the Mayor made of herself over an apology

By Pepper Parr

August 3rd. 2022



With this great weather we get out into the community more often – at least once a day we get asked about the 14 minute spectacle that took place in June.

We excerpted the squabble between the Mayor and the Councillor over just when an apology was going to be said in a public session of Council

One reader took me aside and asked what impact does the Mayor and Council have on who is hired and who is fired.

City Manager Tim Commisso runs the administrative side of the city and acts on directions from Council. Anything that happens – administratively, happens because Tim Commisso wants it to happen.

City Council hires one person and only one person – the City Manager hires everyone else EXCEPT in those situations where he has delegated authority to one of his Executive Directors.

If that is the case said the person I was talking with – why was the Mayor permitted to speak to a situation that involved a Staff member?

Why did Tim Commisso not cut in – he would do that by asking the Clerk to give him the floor – and advise the Mayor that this is a staffing matter and he will take care of it.

The more we listen to the 14 minute back and forth between Mayor Meed Ward and Councillor Stolte – the more concerned we become over just what has happened to a Council that was the bright hope for most people in 2018

That 14 minutes is HERE

On the day of the Council meeting Mayor Meed Ward took part virtually – she was in London, Ontario attending her daughter’s graduation ceremony and was not always fully aware of what was happening in the Council Chamber.

Links to the event:

The Mayor comes out swinging – Councillor ducks and leaves the room

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3 comments to Still a lot of questions over the public spectacle the Mayor made of herself over an apology

  • Alfred


    I wonder if we can coax the old council members back. What happened to the proud voters that that changed the world by kicking out our seasoned common sense councilors. I’ve politely put it out there for someone to give us at least one of Mayor Meed Wards accomplishments. Even the hardcore Nimby’s are hiding. Crickets……..

    • Dave Turner


      The 4 members old council not re-elected were kicked out of office for a good reason. That reason – their incompetence (1) in protecting our downtown, (2) in passing a compliant OP, (3) allowing the John Street bus stop being designated an MTSA, (4) the downtown as an UGC, (5) the pier debacle.

      This administration has worked hard and achieved much. Unfortunately it was unable to undo the mistakes of the past.

  • Penny Hersh

    Unfortunately people have short memories.

    Residents should be questioning if indeed they want a council that “tattles on each other”, condemns and treats fellow councillors like enemies, and interferes in issues that should be handled by staff, then continue to vote for those who behave this way.

    If change is what you want then look seriously at the new candidates running for election.