Strathcona Court to get a sidewalk that many didn't want.

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June 24th, 2019



A part of town that was the focus of a long, sometimes emotional debate over whether or not there should be sidewalks on the street came to an end when we saw the first 6-1 vote with the Mayor being the odd vote out; when Marianne Meed Ward was a Councillor she was frequently the odd vote, much to the chagrin of her council colleagues at the time.  Some thought that part of her past was really behind her.

It wasn’t – the Mayor’s vote was strategic – she knew a majority of council was going to vote for the project – she could oppose and have the residents happy that at least their Mayor was on their side.  Our Mayor is in consistent strategic mode.

The city announced on Friday that Strathcona Drive and area streets would be closed from June 24 to November, 2019.
Lorraine Crescent, McIntosh Place, Apple Valley Lane and Applevale Court are closed to through traffic for repair work.
Resident and emergency service access will be maintained.

Strathcona Drive

Many of the side streets in Aldershot do not have sidewalks – some were surprised that any of the streets were without at least one side walk. The good folks on Strathcona Court argued strenuously to keep things that way but more progressive minds prevailed.

These repairs include:
• new paving,
• new curbs,
• minor storm sewer repairs and
• replacing streetlight poles and underground wiring.

The work also includes new sidewalks on the east side of Strathcona Drive.

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2 comments to Strathcona Court to get a sidewalk that many didn’t want.

  • david barker

    Louise F In many ways it’s sad that we no longer live in the slower more simple times of the horse and buggy. But reality is we don’t and that for safety, risk mitigation reasons cars and pedestrians need to be kept apart. Sidewalks do to an extent achieve that separation. It’s no longer appropriate or safe to have pedestrians share the road with vehicles.

  • Louise F.

    I still maintain the sidewalks are a waste of money. I’d like to see the stats for pedestrians being hit by a car on those streets. I certainly don’t remember that happening in the many decades I’ve lived in Burlington.
    And there is no Strathcona COURT.