Sudden interest in a two year old drug bust story - why?

Crime 100By Staff

June 30th, 2021



Website based newspapers are different.

The story is in the archives and get read years later.

We watch traffic to the website closely to understand where the readers are coming from and what they are interested in.

In June of 2020 we published a story on a drug bust, a rather large endeavour that kept the police busy for a number of months.

There was nothing exceptional about the story – what caught our attention was the sudden increase in the traffic.  This past couple of days a couple of hundred people were interested in what happened to the five accused.

What was the story about? CLICK on the link.

The traffic to the story was decent when the arrest announcement was released.  Someone was tracking this story.  Then it soared.  We haven’t had a chance to talk with the Crown and learn if a trial has taken place.  Someone cares about this story,

Drug bust viewers


Drug bust 2020

There were no prescription drugs in this bust.

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