Summer school enrollment increases in public secondary schools - grew by 15%

News 100 redBy Walter Byj

October 5th, 2015


Secondary summer school continues to grow in popularity.

At a recent Halton District School Board (HDSB) meeting Superintendents of Education, David Boag and Tricia Dyson, presented a report which showed growth in the summer program with overall summer enrollment growing by 15.5%

HDSB sign with flagSome students chose to gain full credit enrollments, others chose to either upgrade or have a one half credit; 4312 students chose to either upgrade their marks or to reach-ahead.

The major increase was in online enrollment which grew by 34% and had a completion rate of 85% vs 87% for in-class courses.

A quick numbers update.

• 1584 full credit in-class enrollment vs 1524 in 2014
• 1058 upgrade and one half in-class enrollment versus 890 in 2014
• 599 online full credit enrollment vs 507 in 2014
• 768 upgrade and one half credit online enrollment in 2015

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