Surprise candidiate running as Regional Chair - Andrea Grebenc school board Chair moving up the food chain

By Staff

July 6th, 2022



Here is a candidate announcement that surprised many – Andrea Grebenc, business owner for over 20 years, elected Trustee in 2014 and 2018 in municipal elections and elected Board Chair for four annual terms (2018-2021), is seeking the office of Halton Regional Chair in the October 24, 2022 municipal election.

Andrea Grebenc

Grebenc appears to be taking the position that younger more energetic leadership is needed at the Regional level. She wants to bring new ideas that meet the needs of those who are raising families and appreciate just how safe life is in the Region – she wants to build on that

Andrea is currently in her final year of her second four-year Trustee term with the Halton District School Board (HDSB). The organization is one of the largest organizations within Halton and one of the largest school boards in the province with an annual operating budget of $850 million dollars, over 100 facilities and 10,000 staff that serves the entire region.

The HDSB has been one of the top performing boards in Ontario during her tenure and while sitting as Chair she was often sought out by other Ontario School Board Chairs for advice. Halton Region functions under similar laws and governance rules and processes as the HDSB.

Andrea is known by many media outlets for providing frank and factual insight on education issues. A listing of interviews and articles is available on the website. She looks to continue to serve the people of Halton in an alternate leadership position at the Regional level.

“The role of Regional Chair requires passion, energy and accessibility to fight for the well-being and interests of Halton Region. I have demonstrated these assets as a Trustee, Board Chair and entrepreneur.” – Andrea Grebenc

Grebenc:: core values include transparency, accountability, and continuous improvement.

Andrea has developed relationships with local, provincial and federal elected officials and is always ready to listen and serve her constituents. She has an excellent record as Trustee and Board Chair, with stellar attendance and trying to improve the system by sitting on and often chairing standing and ad hoc committees. Andrea’s core values include transparency, accountability, and continuous improvement.

As a business owner/consultant in the Information Technology (IT) field, Andrea has worked with organizations large and small to provide services and solutions. Her largest clients have included Toyota Canada Inc. and McMaster University where she has taught for over 20 years. She is a problem solver and collaborator.

Andrea has lived most of her life in Burlington. She loves Halton and has chosen to raise her three children here with her husband who also works in the IT field.

To be a part of this bid for fresh, strong leadership in Halton, join the campaign by volunteering, donating, and ordering a sign. Invite Andrea to events, large or small. Information is available at Reach out to Andrea at or call (905) 510-4847. Follow Andrea on Twitter at @AndreaGrebenc or on Facebook at @Andrea4Halton.

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7 comments to Surprise candidiate running as Regional Chair – Andrea Grebenc school board Chair moving up the food chain

  • Sharon

    I’ve dealt with Andrea Grenbec several times as a school trustee. My experience is that she does not listen to the constituents. She does not give a straight answer.

  • Philip Waggett

    “Frank and factual insight into educational issues”. Really? Last fall when the Board was proposing renaming Ryerson PS, I sent Grebenc materials that showed Ryerson played no substantive role in the formation of the federal residential schools–the historical record is quite clear. She ignored them. When pressed on whether she was considering renaming Craig Kielburger HS given the documented fraudulent role played by the Kielburgers, she offered up a word salad but ignored the issue. Of course, first and foremost, she is a Liberal.

    Just like her Burlington colleague, fellow Liberal MMW, I’m very concerned that Grebenc would be addicted to “tax and spend”. I certainly would not have the confidence that I currently have with Gary Carr that regional tax increases would be kept below the rate of inflation.

    Editor’s note: The fact that Gary is a lifelong Tory would, following your argument, make him unfit. The political philosophy is not the issue – the issue is can they do the job and do you trust them.

    • Philip Waggett

      Note to the editor–Gary Carr can be judged on his record as Regional Chair, a record that reflects a careful balance between fiscal responsibility to the taxpayers and providing the necessary services that we depend on. We have no such record with Grebenc and I look to her political affiliation to provide clues as to what policies she is likely to support.

    • perryb

      Philip, you seem to feel that the leader of a diverse, elected Board (or Council) can just wave their hands and make whatever they want happen. Doesn’t happen in the real world, or at least in our world of the leader being just another vote. The leader has some tools to deploy, and persuasive opportunities, but in the end they are just one vote. (PS – like you, I spoke to power to protest the Ryerson lynching, but the woke idiots and social media steamrolled everything. But I do not mind that the result was a respectful compromise.)

  • Penny Hersh

    It is my hope that Andrea Grebenc will engage with residents in the region, so that we can learn more about her and her vision for the Region.

    It is time for change.

  • perryb

    I assume that Gary Carr decided to run again as a defense against Jane McKenna taking the role. Now that a clearly competent candidate has come forward, he may well step aside again.
    Looks like a win-win

    • MarieAnge

      Andrea would be a well organized leader who would ensure things get done.
      She has my vote. Let Mr Carr retire. He has earned it.