The Best Casinos Within Canada to Liven Your Spirit

By Staff

December 31st, 2021


Canada is a known location that many tourists wish to visit and explore. From its beautiful nature on the borders of British Columbia to the bustling city life that is offered there. Casino lovers always rejoice heading their way over there, and it is believed that over 25 million tourists from around the world visit Canada and make a visit to the gambling locations that it has to offer. Meaning, yes, it is a spot to check out, if you love the gambling scene!

The revenue alone from casino gambling within Canada has surpassed $500 million dollars and counting, due to the fact that there are first and foremost many casinos, but that the legislation around online gambling have also become more accessible and simpler than ever. If you’re interested in some real money gaming, Canada would certainly be the location to do it.

So, what are the best casinos in Canada that can liven up your spirits, you ask? Make sure to keep on reading to find out more!

Casino Niagara, Ontario
Casino Niagara is probably one of the best casinos within all of Ontario. Built in 1996, the location is set in the centre of the Niagara Falls, making it a very beautiful and slightly utopian location. The high-rise building of the casino towers over most buildings in the area, and the illumination of the neon lights, makes the casino seem futuristic from afar.

With over 13,00 slot machines inside the casino, in addition to multiple casino tables for classical casino games, you can guarantee that a day within the Casino Niagara, is not one that will end quickly. In fact, it will most likely take hours of game time, for you to even realise that you have completed what there is to offer there. The adventure of the Casino Niagara is desired by many gamblers all over the world, making it a must for any tourist who wishes to immerse themselves within the city of Niagara.

Casino De Montreal, Quebec
This casino is one that is probably seen as the largest casino located within Canada. Located within Quebec, it is situated close to the Notre Dame of Montreal. The daily average visitors are around 18,000 every single day, making this not only the largest, but the busiest within the region too.

There are over one hundred casino table games to play and discover, ranging for various playing levels and betting levels. If you are more of a high roller, you will certainly find your fair share of that within the casino. Additionally, there are many slot machines dotted around the premises and not all in one location, which makes a casino trip here a pretty adventurous one too! Do not forget to pop into the restaurant of the casino, which is classified as 5-stars, and exceptionally delicious for those who are both foodies and gambling enthusiasts!

Casino Rama Resort, Ontario
We have another casino for you here, the Casino Rama. This location is not only a casino but a resort too, for those that wish to stay over and enjoy what the casino has to offer, over a consecutive number of days. For 20 years this gambling location has been in business, and offers 25,000 casino game machines, from blackjack tables, to slot machines, you can be sure to really immerse yourself in what a gambling scenario should look like. If you are unsure on how exactly to plan your agenda here, the staff can help you fill it up, with their multiple suggestions that they provide at the reception desk of the hotel and casino entrance.

In total there are 8 unique restaurants on site that cater to different cuisines, which makes it perfect for guests staying for a number of nights within the hotel. Who wants to stick to one cuisine, 7 days in a row?

St. Eugene Golf and Casino Resort, British Columbia
This casino is what offers the beautiful panoramic views, mountains on the skyline and so much more. If you are not much of a city hopper, you can venture to Eugene, to enjoy both golfing and casino gaming. There are over 240 slot machines on site, in addition to various casino table games you can enjoy for one against opponents, or in your own individual party.

If you want to soak in the perfect views on your stay here, make sure to book the advantageous benefits of what a balcony view apartment can offer you. While on the pricier side, it still is beautiful and can most definitely make you feel right at home.

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  • perryb

    So now we have fanciful casino advertorials written by “staff” at the Gazette. In seemingly blissful ignorance of the current virus situation. What is it that makes regular promotion of gambling so important to this newspaper?