The candidates for city Council seats - Part 1 - Wards 1, 2 and 3

By Pepper Parr

August 21st, 2022



The list is long – we have broken it down to three articles: Ward 1, 2 and 3; followed by ward 4, 5 and 6 – then review of those running for the Office of Mayor

This is a very very different collection of people than what came forward in 2018.

There are some surprises; there is one from a jokester and one from someone who thought spending $100. to get his name in the paper was a good investment

Ward 1 boundaries

Ward 1
Robert Radway
Phone: 289-208-6474

Robert Radway – high school teacher running for the ward 1 Council seat


When we first learned about Radway we were told that he planned to continue working as a teacher and serve his constituents at city hall.  It was clear at that point that Radway had no idea just what the role of city councillor amounts to.  To be fair, Kelvin Galbraith didn’t know what he faced in terms of a work load when he was elected.  He operates a gym and has people who run the place day to day.

Radway has since changed his position and will now have colleagues cover his classes when he has to be at city hall.

Radway said he was encouraged by several Board of Education Superintendents to run for public office; whoever the Superintendent are – they should think in terms of early retirement.

Teachers can apply for a leave of absence which is almost always granted.  Radway missed the deadline to apply for a leave of absence this school year.  He has said he will apply for a leave of absence next year.

Kelvin Galbraith, ward 1 incumbent.

Kelvin Galbraith
Phone: 905-928-4513

Galbraith has some explaining to do.  There are perceived conflicts of interest that he needs to clean up.  The campaign may teach him to pay more attention to the needs of the voters rather than the interests of the developers.  That is not to say that Galbraith is a developer toady – it is to say that his inclination is to business rather than people

Ward 2
Keith Demoe
Phone: 289-259-0488

The Gazette has not had an opportunity to talk to or interview Keith Demoe.  We will get to him

Lisa Kearns is the ward 2 incumbent.. She has been an effective councillor

Lisa Kearns

Lisa Kearns is a very intelligent woman with a strong private sector background that gives her an understanding many Councillors don’t have of budgets and numbers.  She is perceptive, quite sharp with her tongue when she relaxes.  She has introduced a lot of new words to this council; some we are still trying to figure out what Kearns means – just what does she mean wen she refers to “the Delta”.  She has earned every penny she is paid.

Tim O’Brien

Tim O’Brien brings experience from the Catholic School Board to city hall; if one can survive in that environment – you can survive city hall.  We are schedules to interview Mr O’Brien this week.

Jennifer Hounslow – candidate for the ward 2 city council seat

Ward 3
Jennifer Hounslow

We have not yet managed to set up a meeting with Ms Hounslow.  She’s on the list and at some point we will get through to her. A statement on her web site says:   “I am running because we need a representative who can listen, lead, act, and execute. You deserve to have the right person on board to manage the city budget and keep us operationally and fiscally strong, impact policy, and advocate for your concerns.”

Luke McEachern
Phone: 289-941-2996

The Gazette has not been able to reach Mr. McEachern – yet

Rory Nisan is the ward 3 incumbent.

Rory Nisan
Phone: 905-464-7195

Rory Nisan became a member of Council in 2018  taking with him the expectations of a number of people that he would fill the shores of former Council member John Taylor who had done a good job during his 20 + years on Council.  At this point those expectations have not been met.

Perhaps a stiff challenge will reveal a different Rory Nisan

The list we have set out above has yet to be certified by the City Clerk.  That will be done on Monday.  We don’t expect any changes in wards 1, 2 or 3.

The Gazette intends to interview each of the candidates at least once



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6 comments to The candidates for city Council seats – Part 1 – Wards 1, 2 and 3

  • Kyle Hutton

    I’m really disappointed we’re not seeing better challenges this year, though council hasn’t done the worst job I don’t think they deserve to feel complacent. I would’ve run myself if I didn’t start a new job, and honestly I’m regretting not making the decision so far. Hopefully some of these folks will step up their game.

  • Penny Hersh


    You failed to mention what ward you live in. I am certain every ward will be dealing with POPS if changes do not take place.

    Knowledge is power. Why would you want to give up your power in knowing what is happening in Burlington and how it effects the residents who live here?

    • Bob

      I live downtown, just like you do Penny
      I just have a more positive outlook on development. I am anti urban sprawl and accept the fact growth only has two ways to go, up or out and I’m anti out

      The third option of going down will come soon enough and I don’t want to rush it

  • Bob

    POPS is hardly an issue in our ward and was never even heard of until a story in the NIMBY News, sorry I mean the Burlington Gazette

    • Joe Gaetan

      Bob: For the record I’m not against POPS. While they are somewhat new to Burlington they exist in many cities in the U.S.A and Europe etc. In most cases POPS are located adjacent to structures that have substantial commercial interests and where developers/owners support the repair maintenance and replacement of them. From my research it would appear that the model contemplated here is that the developer will benefit from the POPS through bonus square footage while condo owners will bear the ongoing burden of them. As you and Penny have commented buyer beware applies. But before that can happen people have to understand what they are really getting into. At some point downtown Burlington is going to look like lower Manhattan and if we think otherwise we’re kidding ourselves. POPS are one way to ensure that we end up with a modicum of open space.

  • Penny Hersh

    My hope is that this election campaign deals with the tough issues. For those of us living in Ward 2 it is the inclusion of POPS ( Privately Owned Public Spaces) that have become the way developers include parkland and public space at the expense of the those purchasing units in buildings.

    Many of us living in the ward feel this is an important issue that our current councillor Lisa Kearns and those running for election in Ward 2 take seriously, and act accordingly.

    If this is something that is of concern to you I would suggest you contact the current councillors, the mayor, and all those running for election and ask them about new developments in their wards that will include POPS.