The community is not powerless when it comes to hate mail - there are ways to identify and prosecute these people.

Crime 100By Pepper Parr

July 23, 3015


While picking up the morning paper I bumped into a Roseland resident who said he too had that disgusting piece of paper stuffed in his mailbox – and he, like many others wanted to know why nothing could be done.

For some reason everyone is saying they are powerless to do anything – that’s not true.

Like many, I’m not prepared to listen to someone’s  free speech rights – this is not free speech – this comes close to hate mail – and there is something that can be done.

Surveillance-Cameras - home -  graphic

There may well be security camera in the Roseland community that captured images of the people delivering the hate mail

Regular Gazette readers will recall an article the Gazette ran recently about the police asking people who had outdoor video surveillance cameras if they would mind registering their location with the police.

The idea was to give police a list of places that had outdoor video cameras. The police plot all the locations on a map and when looking into crime in an area they know that there are specific homes that have outdoor video surveillance.

The police can then contact the owner of the equipment and ask if they can review the video. The owner of the video can always decline. The purpose from a police perspective was to be aware of a possible investigative resource. The program was called SCRAM

There is an opportunity here for the police to see what they have in the way of people in the Roseland community who have outdoor video surveillance equipment and who have registered it with the police and see what there is on those cameras.

Is there a chanced that good visuals of people going house to house putting papers in mailboxes?

This would be an interesting Fugitive Friday subject for the Burlington police unit to look into.

Original article on the hate mail stuffed in local mail boxes

Story on the police surveillance program


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2 comments to The community is not powerless when it comes to hate mail – there are ways to identify and prosecute these people.

  • tenni

    As stated on the other article. This was distributed beyond the Roseland area. It was also distributed to houses in the Maple area, ward 2. Are there other areas of this city that were smeared with this distatesful lies.

  • Tony Millington

    As a planning consultant working in the Roseland Community I was given email’s by a client of mine that amount to hate crimes and these emails have been given to the police as well City staff and the Councillors. To say the least these emails were disgusting, so I am wondering if this is the same sic individual in the Roseland Community. I really do find it hard to believe that anyone living in this well heeled, well educated community is responsible.

    My client has retained a cyber lawyer who is looking into these hate email’s. If my client is successful in tracking down this coward we will certainly share the name.

    Did no one observe this individual ?