The gangsters moved north – but they are still out there. Be vigilant.

By Staff

BURLINGTON, ON.  June 4, 2013.  Yesterday five homes were entered in rural Milton as a result of day time break and enters.  All of the entries are believed to have occurred before 1:00 PM and may be linked to another break and enter in Burlington. 

Two homes were entered on the Sixth Line south of Derry Road, two more homes were entered on Bell School Line north of Derry Road and also a home on Tremaine Road south of Derry.   

A lot of country roads down there. The police will do as much as they can – neighbours might want to get out on the roads as well – keeping an eye on things.

All of the homes were unoccupied at the time of these entries.  Access was gained in a variety of ways including forced entry through front, rear and side doors as well as windows.  Unknown culprits ransacked each home taking valuables such as cash, electronics and jewellery.   

 The Halton Police are requesting residents to be extra vigilant in reporting any suspicious persons or vehicles in your area and if they observe a crime in progress to call 9-1-1.

An Our Burlington reporter was driving along Bell Line a few days ago and had paused to look at a piece of property when an HRPS cruiser was about to pass and slowed down and gave us that questioning look.  So the police are out there doing their part.

There are a lot of roads and only so much money in the gas budget.

when they catch a few of them – let us hope the judge who gets the case fully appreciates the damage, not only financial but psychological, that is done when someone returns home and finds the house has been broken into.

It takes some people a long time to get over the feeling that they are not safe.

Catch these guys – quick.

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