The good ship Burlington Tory Blue is leaking like a sieve - not a word from McKenna the former MPP who won the nomination by 41 votes

News 100 blueBy Pepper Parr

December 10th, 2016



More on that Progressive Conservative nomination scandal

“Despite the party announcing on October 3rd the nomination meeting in Burlington would be before Dec 31st, they tweeted out on Oct 17th that McKenna would be acclaimed.

“Despite multiple attempts for an interview, the party did not agree to interview Jane Michael until Nov 22nd (4 days before the scheduled nomination meeting), and didn’t actually approve her until Nov 25th at 6pm- 16 hours before voting started. She sold 900 memberships which meant she only had 16 hours (including sleeping hours) to call all her members.

Cam Jackson: Election night 2010

Would this nomination scandal have taken place on Cam Jackson’s watch?

Jane McKenna did not need to have an interview, she was a former MPP. Many of Jane Michael’s supporters called her complaining they received a call from Jane McKenna indicating that she received access to the membership list after November 11 (the membership sales cut-off date for the nomination). Michael’s did not receive a copy of the membership list.

We learn that before the nomination election was called the Burlington Progressive Conservative Association has just 200 members on its list but that they have very close to $20,000 in the bank.

For an association that once owned the Burlington constituency there doesn’t appear to be much in the way of a local organization. Nothing lean or healthy about it.

The request that the nomination race be re-done is embarrassing and leaves mud on the shoes of the organization no matter what the party decision.


Patrick Brown will be working the telephones next week – got a mess to clean up in Burlington.

It is going to take some time to clean up that mess, fortunately or the Tory’s the Liberal government has got its hands full with some sticky issues. Time for the Blues to quietly re-build and then bring Patrick Brown into town and showcase the man.

But clean up the mess first.  The video that came out of the nomination meeting was all too telling.  It came from a card carrying member of the association – there are people who want to clean it up.

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1 comment to The good ship Burlington Tory Blue is leaking like a sieve – not a word from McKenna the former MPP who won the nomination by 41 votes

  • D.Duck

    The lack of moral integrity in most politicians is now an acceptable trait. Why do we expect anything else from their local political ridings. It’s all politics and they all have a certain odour about them that is not pleasant.

    What have we let to fester???