The hard part of community policing – reporting on a pedophile released back into the community. There is more the chief of police can do.

By Pepper Parr

BURLINGTON, ON  April 17, 2013.  The media release was blunt, direct and very much to the point.  Anthony Burke, a convicted pedophile was out of jail and back on the streets.  He was considered dangerous and the police chief  was telling the community to be careful.

“In the interest of community safety, Halton Regional Police Service Chief Steve Tanner discloses the following information concerning a convicted sexual offender residing in Burlington.

Anthony Burke – how will Burlington decide to handle this man now that he is out of prison and back on the streets? will we find a way to get him the help he needs and prevent another crime – or will we hound him to the point where he becomes even more dangerous.

“Anthony Vincent BURKE was convicted on June 28, 2011 of Sexual Assault, Sexual Interference, Make Child Pornography and Indecent Exposure to a Person Under 16 years of age.  The offences pertain to incidents that took place in 2004 in Waterdown, Ontario and a related investigation in 2011.  He was sentenced to a period of incarceration.

“At his sentencing hearing before the Ontario Court of Justice, BURKE was made subject to a Prohibition Order for a period of 10 years which prohibited him from the following:

 Attending a public park or public swimming area where persons under the age of 16 years are present or can reasonably be expected to be present, or a daycare centre, school ground, playground or community centre.

Seeking, obtaining or continuing any employment, whether or not the employment is remunerated, or becoming or being a volunteer in a capacity that involves being in a position of trust of authority towards persons under the age of 16 years.

 Using a computer system within the meaning of subsection 342.1(2) of the Criminal Code for the purpose of communicating with a person under the age of 16 years.

Anthony Burke – how did this man, born 71 years ago, get to this point in his life. And what do we as a community want to do with him for his remaining years? We could wait until he re-offends, and he will re-offend if he does not get help, or do we find a way to get Anthony Burke the help he needs.

BURKE moved to Burlington in November 2012 and as mandated by the provisions of Christopher’s Law, promptly notified the Halton Regional Police Service of his change of address.  Since that time, he had been closely monitored by the Halton Regional Police Offender Management Unit and officials from the Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services.

On Thursday February 7, 2013 at 6:40 p.m., BURKE was observed within the Tansley Woods Community Centre, Burlington.  The community centre operates numerous children’s programs, has on site daycare centres, indoor playground area, indoor public swimming pool and library facilities.

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6 comments to The hard part of community policing – reporting on a pedophile released back into the community. There is more the chief of police can do.

  • katarina

    I am a 11 year old grade 5 student in burlington and the parents of my friends and my parents have recived an e-mail about this and whats really creepy is that alot of people in my school/neighborhood have been saying he lives near our school.Also the last place he was seen was Tansley Woods swimming pool.

    • Clo

      I live in this area have children and am seriously afraid that he lives on my street. Does anyone know what street he lives on? Sorry but I believe in the rights of my children not the pedophile. I also wanted to put up signs of his picture so in case anyone sees him ( there are 3 schools around) they can call police. Kids come first.

  • Meg

    Did I really just read that? The stance of the author of this article a LUDACRIS, sympathy for the molester?? I suppose you would also agree with some “experts” that are now saying that there’s nothing wrong with pedophilia at all and that it is a “normal” sexual preference, no different than homosexuality and heterosexuality and that should be legal?! Probably!

    Lets get this straight. Yes sexual predators were molested themselves as children thus creating the monsters they are today. But just like with all temptations, lusts, deviant inclinations (whether “born that way” or birthed from environmental factors), we all have the CHOICE to act on them, and before we have the choice to ACT we have the choice whether or not to obey the THOUGHTS, let them fester and grow. We have the CHOICE whether to get help or not. So don’t give me this crap about poor Anthony. He’s getting off easy, castration and live imprisonment would have been the “fair” punishment.

    P.S. I am also from Burlington and you will note my email is valid. And who cares if “Terri” doesn’t use a real email address! It doesn’t invalidate her comment which is absolutely VALID! Some people don’t want to use a real addresss so what?! So sorry that she cares more about the safety of her children than the pervert! You are something else!

  • Terri

    I agree with the above comment. I am the mother of 3 young children. This notice came in my 8 year old son’s agenda today from school. I applaud the chief of police for making the call to protect the children. As sickened as I felt reading this notice as a parent. I felt more empowered to protect them with the knowledge. Seeing his photo online gives me the ability to recognize suspicious behavior around my children. It is an uneasy feeling. I had a talk with my children tonight about the ‘dangers present’. What to do. How to stay safe.

    My issue is this article telling us that this man ‘deserves’ rights also, needs to be protected. I, the law abiding citizen, would have to take the chance that one of my children will be put in harms way, to ‘protect’ this man’s ‘rights’. He lost that novelty when he committed these heinous crimes. We deserve as a community the power, and knowledge as parents, to protect our children from abuse. He should still be in a jail cell. The simple fact there is fear, and need to warn people, is enough to make me sick. Why let a person out to reoffend. No matter how ‘damaged’ their childhood. We let them roam freely to damage another child’s life. I for one, am glad that this decision was made to release details.

    • parrking

      Terri’s comments are heard frequently. They are part of the social dialogue where all honest comment is valid. Unfortunately, Terri isn’t valid – the email address she used was phony. We see a lot of that in Burlington.

  • Sam Hardakker

    I’m sorry, but the “pedophiles are people too” part of the article should not be included. You want to write a piece about that, fine, but don’t include it in the press release from the chief.

    This man is sick and should never have been let out; he should be locked up without any chance for parole; that is the best way to keep our children safe.