The Identity thieves have not taken a vacation this summer.

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August 14th, 2108



They are at it again.

The email was said to come from our bank – advising us that we needed to do something with the password set up we have.

It didn’t come from our bank – but it looked like it could have.

The message said:

You will only able to use your existing security device passcode until 15 August 2018. Effective 16 August 2018, you will be required to log on to your BMO Direct Line for Business with the new synchronized master key.

To avoid any disruption to your BMO Direct Line for Business service, we encourage you to synchronize your security device immediately.

Your online security is our priority, for more detailed information please see the attached PDF document enclosed.

Your new Security Device document is pin-protected and will provide you with an additional level of protection.

Open your document with this PIN Password: 266260

All BMO Direct Line for Business users who do not upgrade there Security Devices in due time will be deactivated and unable to authorize transactions.

The document the sender wanted us to look at was a PDF file.  Inside that file was a collection of problems no one who banks on-line wants to go near.  If you see something like this – be very cautious.

Pdf from BMO



The rule that matter is:  If in doubt – don’t


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