The winning entry to name the Jane McKenna rubber chicken: The Dirty Plucker

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May 10th, 2021



The late Jane Irving once told city council that the city is now known as “Borington”.

Might be boring but it does have a sense of humour.

rubber chicken 1

The rubber chicken now has a name: The Dirty Plucker. We might donate the chicken to the Historical Society

Late in April the Gazette did a piece on the “chicken little” statements MPP Jane McKenna made in the provincial Legislature;we  added an illustration of a rubber chicken that was on life support.

We asked Burlington residents to suggest a name for the chicken.

There were many, not hundreds but a respectable response –  the one that was the best of the lot was: The Dirty Plucker.

There has been no response from MPP McKenna – that’s a fact.

Good contest.  All in fun.

We need some levity in these times.

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