The world opens up for us on Tuesday - do we fully understand what we have to deal with day in and day out?

By Staff

February 27th, 2022



Ontario is reporting 842 people hospitalized with COVID-19, 281 in ICU on Sunday. We have broken that 1000 hospitalizations barrier – which is a good sign.

Ward 2 Councillor Lisa Kearns – isolating

Burlington Member of Parliament Karina Gould – isolating.

At the same time Burlington’s ward 2 Councillor reported that she had COVID19 and was isolating. There is a report that MP Karina Gould has COVID19.

The province notes that not all hospitals report on weekends. There are also at least 2,001 new cases of COVID-19.

So it is out there and it is being transferred from people to people.

Gould and Kearns are committed mask wearers and are also in the public sphere.

On Tuesday March 1st, the province opens things up.

Another really important concern is the number of people who still believe this is all hokum and there is nothing to worry about.

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2 comments to The world opens up for us on Tuesday – do we fully understand what we have to deal with day in and day out?

  • Mike Hribljan

    Let’s stop with the fear mongering and politicization of this. Why does it matter what our Ward 2 councilor and MP think about mask waring. They are not following the current science according to the CDC. Don’t get me wrong, I have a mask in the pocket of every coat, and ware one where need, but the world is moving forward.

    I’m a “semi-snowbird”, before I get lambasted, yes I’m lucky, but I’ve worked hard too for a long time. We spent more than two weeks in California at Christmas, yes against our government’s recommendation. The airports were busier than ever, we are double vax’d and boosted, Covid tests before and upon return. In my analysis travelling was less risky. Why? I know half a dozen friends that stayed home and contracted Covid. Airplanes have ventilation that rival operating rooms, we took all the precautions. In California, the most democratic, progressive, liberal State, nothing was closed, business as usual, kids in school and so on. We got our PCR tests at CVC, no cost! Glad our government finally changed that, just another divisive wedge against those that could/wanted to travel which made no scientific sense.

    I returned to Canada to lock downs. As soon as they were done, I was back working out and playing tennis every day, following the guidelines of course. But my point is this is not scary stuff as our media would suggest.

    Back in California again for 3 weeks, mask requirements are gone (restaurants, grocery stores, not public transit, airports etc). I took my son from his Antigen test this morning so he can return tomorrow. Again, free, done in 5 minutes. Appointments are easy to get, I asked the young lady a few questions and test volumes are way down.

    These are data points that I’m sharing, you can argue if they are statically significant. What is not arguable is that the world has moved on, and Canada has been left behind.

    I would like to see our politicians talk about restoring our freedoms, we are smart, educated and can use our judgement. That would be progressive.

    The issue is healthcare, beds, nurses and doctors. Our politicians need to be spending their time solving these big issues vs. pandering to public opinion about masks.

  • Penny Hersh

    Throughout this pandemic people needed to take responsibility for themselves. Even with mandates and lockdowns there were people who failed to take this pandemic seriously. Unfortunately, their choices affected many around them.

    Now more than ever people have to decide how they want to protect themselves and their family.

    Personally, I will continue to wear a mask when in public and not visit with people. It is my choice. All I ask is that people respect my decision.