There are solid reasons to be concerned about the Covid19 testing the government is not doing

By Staff

April 8th, 2022



The Beachway water treatment plant in Burlington is the largest in the Region

The Covid19 infection numbers for the province are not encouraging – infection reports are climbing and the number of children not in school is alarming.

The Boards of Education don’t have any central reporting – what we are hearing from readers is that – a lot of kids are not in class.

With province wide reporting gone for now municipalities are relying on waste water testing.

While the numbers are not high – the trend is in the wrong direction


Location of the waste water treatment plans where testing is done. The test results are rising in every location

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2 comments to There are solid reasons to be concerned about the Covid19 testing the government is not doing

  • Tom Muir

    All I hear from Mr. Ford is WHAT, ME WORRY?

    His response to the latest wave is right out of MAD Magazine. Schools are missing any safety measures at all. and showing it in teacher and pupil absences. Teachers associations want mandates back in the classroom.

    Ford silenced the School Boards – not their business he said. Leave it to the expert Chief Health Officer Dr. Moore he said. But Dr. Moore is silenced too and absent. So are all the other local Health Officers, Halton’s too.

    With all their absences, gone too is any moral duty to public health and the Hippocratic Oath all doctors swear too – First, do no harm. It’s an oath to practice with the utmost ethic.

    Dr. Moore has particularly lost his integrity in his failure to remember the Oath that enables him to call himself a doctor, and a Chief Public Health Doctor to boot.

    He has allowed his ethic to lose out to a buy-in to the politicization of public health practice by Mr. Ford and Minister Elliot by themselves. Dr. Moore was the expert when it was convenient, but now he says nothing.

    There are other issues Mr Ford’s political policy raises. The policy looks like going for herd immunity. But with herd immunity comes the thinning of the herd. The sick, susceptible. weak and vulnerable are the ones that are thinned, so more of them will sicken and die.

    Again, where is Dr. Moore?

    Significantly, in Ontario I have not heard anything about Long Covid. I watched a program the other night where it was explained by many experts that Long Covid affects one in 4 or 5 people infected. This condition has numerous long term and debilitating conditions that are not really understood medically and cannot be treated really and what the prognosis is is unknown.

    So we have another burden that Mr. Ford is not mentioning in his trade-off policy, but more real independent experts are talking more and more about it as more patients show up.

    I could go on and on as more disturbing facts emerge on where this latest wave could go. It’s starting to soar everywhere. Solid reasons to be concerned this story says.

    Mr. Ford says, Shut up Dr. Moore. Dr. Moore says, okay Boss.

    In harmony, from the same song page written by Mr. Ford, both are saying, WHAT, ME WORRY?

  • Denise W.

    If anybody is interested, a map with some functionality can be found at the following website. Select the Wastewater button.