This is almost as good as the Sunshine list. Who is seeing who at city hall? They don’t tell us why. Maybe next year.

By Pepper Parr

BURLINGTON, ON.  June 19, 2013  Who sees who at city?  Ever wonder about that?  Who are the chief cheeses talking to?   How often do they meet?  What do they talk about?

 Journalists don`t get access to that kind of information from city hall.  THAT has changed.  City manager Jeff Fielding is doing things differently.  The data that follows was submitted to a Council Committee by Leah Bisutti but she didn’t compile the list because she had nothing better to do.

Who met with whom – and why? City Manager Jeff Fielding on the left breaks bread with his General Managers: Kim Phillips and Scott Stewart. Fielding has given transparency for this city.

The report was an executive decision that would have been cleared by Council but other than the appearance of the report, it didn’t get as much as a word of comment by anyone on Council, It is a list of who  General Managers Scott Stewart and Kim Campbell plus City manager Jeff Fielding met with.

 The date of the meeting isn’t given; which of the three had the meeting isn’t revealed and the subject matter is given.  When a location appears at the end of theline, that is the city the meeting took place in

  “Outreach”, says the report, “ is an effort by individuals in an organization to connect its ideas or practices to the efforts of other organizations and is an important aspect in the understanding of Burlington’s citizens, businesses and community groups.”

The General Managers and City Manager collectively met with over 252 members of the

Burlington community in 2012.

 There are some limitations to what is put out.  The data is for 2012 – which means some of it could be as much as 18 months old.  Yet if you glean through the data you learn that someone – the city manager, or one of the General Managers met with Tim Crawford and Vince Rossi of the Air Park.   The understanding one got as we listened to the delegation at Council on June 10th was that one of  these two men was a stranger to at least General Manager Scott Stewart.  So who did they meet and what was the conversation about? 

 It is an interesting list.  Could be done quarterly.  And the Mayor might want to produce such a list as well.

 Lynn Fergusson, 2H2M Consulting, Burlington

Kathie Bavota, 3M

Paul Smeltzer, AMEC

Ron Scheckenberger., AMEC

Ang Cutaia.AMEC

Jim Detlor, AML Communications

Don Dalicandro, Apex Systems, Burlington

Lawrence Chiaravalle, ARI Fleet Management, Mississauga

Stan Capobianco, Associated Paving, Burlington

Angelo Bentivegna, Beauty & the Bistro, Burlington

Doug Brown BFast (Transportation Committee), Burlington

Richard Burgess, Burlington Theatre Board, Burlington

Allan Pearson Burlington Theatre board, Burlington

Denise Walker, Burlington Theatre board, Burlington

Graham Frampton, BPAC Staff, Burlington

Brenda Heatherington, BPAC Staff, Burlington

Arden Semper, Branthaven Developments, Burlington

Jacques Des Ormeaux, Bromont ville branchee, Bromont, QC

John Farquharson, Bruce Trail Conservancy, Burlington

Ian Ross, Burlington Art Centre, Burlington

Keith Hoey, Burlington Chamber of Commerce, Burlington

Kim Coulter, Burlington Condominium Working Group, Burlington

Ed Keenleyside, Burlington Condominium Working Group, Burlington

Karen Reynolds, Burlington Condominium Working Group, Burlington

Brian , Dean, Burlington Downtown Business Association, Burlington

Tim Crawford, Burlington Executive Airport, Milton

Vince Rossi, Burlington Executive Airport, Milton

Don DeSaverio, Burlington Golf & Country Club, Burlington

Amy Schnurr, Burlington Green Community Group, Burlington

Dan Guatto, Burlington Hydro, Burlington

Michael Kysley, Burlington Hydro, Burlington

Gerry Smallegange, Burlington Hydro, Burlington

Joe Saunders, Burlington Hydro, Burlington

Vince Jones, Burlington Hyundai, Burlington

Barb Teatero, Burlington Museum, Burlington

Maureen Barry, Burlington Public Library, Burlington

Chris Byrnes, Burlington Radio Station, Burlington

Phil Papadopoulos, California Hairworks, Burlington

Roger Caranci, Caranci Consulting, London

Nick Carnicelli, Carriage Gate Homes

Dawn Braddock, Centre for Skills Development, Burlington

Cathy Mills, Centre for Skills Development, Burlington

Will Letts, Charles Sturt University, Burlington

Larry Chettle, Chettle Real Estate, Burlington

Rick Johal, City of Kitchener, Kitchener

Don Crossley, Clean-Air Solutions, Hamilton

Jeremy Freiburger, Cobalt Connects

Michel Blais, Cogeco Cable, Trois Rivieres, PQ

Tim Brown, Cogeco Cable, Burlington

Claudette Paquin, Cogeco Cable Burlington

Risha Burke,Community Development Halton, Burlington

Joey Edwardh, Community Development Halton, Burlington

Ken Phillips, Conservation Halton, Burlington

Bob Edmondson, Conservation Halton, Burlington

Gary Guthrie, Covenco

Dwight Ryan, Daryan Communications, Burlington

Sheila Botting, Deloitte

Doug Emerson, Deloitte, Oakville

Tracey Hare Connell, Deloitte

Evan McDade, Deloitte, Burlington

Anita Shinde, Deloitte, Toronto

Dennis Kar, Dillon Consulting

Allan Pearson, Discovery Ford / BPAC Board, Burlington

John van Leeuwen, EcoSynthetix, Burlington

Diane Locke, Ellis Locke

Ken Hall, Enbridge Pipelines

Barbara Fox, Enterprise Canada, Toronto

Adam Scott, Environmental Defence, Toronto

Julie Pehar, Equity Vision, Toronto

Cal DiFalco, Executive Consultant, – PPP, Mediation, Change, Stoney Creek

Eamonn Horan-Lunney, FCM, Ottawa

Kevin Brady, FDH Lawyers, Burlington

Brian Heagle, FDH Lawyers, Burlington

Anissa Hilborn, FDH Lawyers, Burlington

Michael Fenn, Fenn Advisory Services, Inc. Burlington

Mark Friedman, Fiscal Policy Studies Institute, Santa Fe, New Mexico

James Smith, Friends of Freeman Station, Board President, Burlington

Brian Aasgaard, Friends of Freeman Station, Vice President, Burlington

Mike Wallace, Government of Canada, Member of Parliament

John Connolly, Graham Construction

Deb Harvey, Grand Theatre, London

Michael Pautler, Halton Catholic District School Board / United Way Fundraising Cabinet

David Euale, Halton District School Board / United Way

Domenico Renzella, Halton District School Board, Burlington

Gerry Cullen, Halton District School Board, Burlington

Chris Murray, City of Hamilton, Hamilton

Art Zuidema, City of Hamilton, Hamilton

Bob Bratina, City of Hamilton, Hamilton

Peggy Chapman, City of Hamilton, Hamilton

Bill Fitzgerald, Hamilton Port Authority, Hamilton

Bruce Wood, Hamilton Port Authority, Hamilton

Paul Berton, Hamilton Spectator (a Metroland co.), Hamilton

Michael Barton, Hamilton-Halton Homebuilders Association Hamilton

Mathieu Langelier, Hamilton-Halton Homebuilders Association, Hamilton

Henry Schilthuis, Harm Schilthuis & Sons, Ancaster

Jim Clemens, Heritage Burlington, Burlington

Archie Bennett, Hydro Board member, Burlington

Luis Carrasco-Cortes, IBM Canada, Burlington

D. Scott Lightfoot, IBM Canada, Burlington

John Longbottom, IBM Canada, Burnaby, BC

Doug Pass, IKEA, Burlington

Jeff Young, iLOOKabout, London

Phil Evenden, Integrity Wealth Management, Burlington

Fraser Johnson, Ivey School of Business, London

Gerard Seijts, Ivey School of Business, London

Frank Harrison, J.S. Steel Canada, Hamilton

Gary Johnson, Jetport

Henry Decker, Joseph Brant Hospital, Burlington

Mario Joannette, Joseph Brant Hospital, Burlington

Florene Lobo, Joseph Brant Hospital, Burlington

Eric Vandewall, Joseph Brant Hospital, Burlington

Wayne Harrison, KNY Architects, Burlington

Brian Bourns, KPMG

Barry Frieday, KPMG, Hamilton

Bruce Peever, KPMG, Hamilton

Neville Knowles, Knowles Leadership, London

John Krpan, Krpan Group, Burlington

John Birch, LaSalle Park Marina, Burlington

Ken Dakin, Land Use Planning,  Burlington

Ken Goobie, Legal Shield

Liaquat Mian, LJM Developments, Burlington

Mark Gregory, LocoMotion Comm’ns & PR, Burlington

Keith Moore, LS Travel Retail -North America, Toronto

Paddy Torsney, Maximus

Matt Jaecklein, Mayrose-Tycon Limited / Bridgewater Devel., Milton

Wolf Teichmann, Bridgewater Development

Andrew Gurlesky, McLauchlin & Assoc. Barristers & Solicitors, Toronto

Andrew McLauchlin, McLauchlin & Assoc. Barristers & Solicitors, Toronto

Paul Bates, McMaster University -DeGroote School, Burlington

David Mammoliti, McMaster University -DeGroote School, Burlington

Andrea Mior, McMaster University -DeGroote School, Burlington

Paul Mace, Mercedes Benz Burlington, Burlington

David Harvey, Metroland West Media Group, Burlington

Debbi Koppejan, Metroland-Burlington Post, Burlington

Bruce McCuaig, Metrolinx, Toronto

Mo Ettehadieh, Mettko

John Alley, MHPM, Burlington

Andrew Cowan, MHPM, Ottawa

Gordon Kack, MHPM, Burlington

Ralf Nielsen, MHPM, Ottawa

Steve Howse, Millington & Assoc. Oakville

Tony Millington, Millington & Assoc. Burlington

Milt Farrow, Milt Farrow Associates Consultants, Oakville

Shanda Chronowich, MNP, (Corp. Emergency Preparedness Audit)

Vince Molinaro, Molinaro Group, Hamilton

Bruce Miller, Morrison Hershfield

Yvon Chiasson, MTE Consultants, Burlington

Dan Finelli, MTE Consultants, Burlington

John Goodwin, MTE Consultants, Burlington

Bill Veitch, MTE Consultants, Burlington

Ward Wilson, MTE Consultants, Burlington

Greg Berry, Municibid Online, Government Auctions

Quinn Moyer, Nelson Aggregates, Burlington

Jeff Paikin, New Horizon Homes, Hamilton

John Fleming, Occasional Consulting, Oakville

Ian Collins, Ombudsman Ontario, Toronto

Laura Pettigrew, Ombudsman Ontario, Toronto

Gillian Sheldon, Ontario Centres of Excellence, Mississauga

Steve Klein, Optimus SBR, Toronto

Pepper Parr, Our Burlington, Burlington

Angelo Paletta, Paletta International Corporation, Burlington

Stephen Kuhr, Parsons Brinckerhoff, Toronto

Raj Mohabeer, Parsons Brinckerhoff, Toronto

Sasha Pejcic, Parsons Brinckerhoff, Toronto

John Kuypers, Performance Shift Consulting, Burlington

Maureen Spencer, Golovchenko Pillar NonProfit Network, London

John Gotts, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Hamilton

Gerry Lewandowski, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Toronto

Anne Morash. Primaris Real Estate (Burlington Mall), Toronto

John Morrison, Primaris Real Estate (Burlington Mall) Toronto

Ted McMeekin, Province of Ontario, MPP

Deb Matthews, Province of Ontario, MPP, Minister

Larry Clay, Province of Ontario, Toronto

Claudio De Rose, Province of Ontario – MGS / Service Ontario, Toronto

Mark Christie, Province of Ontario (MMAH), Toronto

Andrew Doersam, Province of Ontario (MMAH), Toronto

Karen Wallace, Province of Ontario (MMAH), Toronto

Frank D’Onofrio, Province of Ontario / Service Ontario, Toronto

Art Komarov, Province of Ontario / Service Ontario, Toronto

Bob Chiarelli, Province of Ontario, -Minister of Transportation, Toronto

John Almond, Province of Ontario, -MNR, Aurora

Dan Petoran, Province of Ontario, -Service Ontario, Toronto

Michael Masotti, Province of Ontario -Tourism,Culture,Sport

Stephen Bauld, Purchase Consultants International

Laura Gainey, RBC Royal Bank, Toronto

John Lever, RBC Royal Bank, Burlington

Pat Moyle, Region of Halton, Oakville

Kendra Willard, Region of Halton, Oakville

Mitch Zamojc, Region of Halton, Oakville

Gary Carr, Region of Halton, Oakville

Craig Black, Rogers Communications

Gus Dimitropoulos, Rogers Communications

Deborah Herbert, Royal Botanical Gardens -Cootes to Escarpment, Burlington

Edith Fajszan, Royal Mutual Funds Inc., Burlington

John Chisholm, SB Partners, Burlington

Seniors Centre Board, Burlington

Lucia Casacia, Siemens, Burlington

Charles Halasz, Siemens, Burlington

Richard Jarsaillon, Siemens, Burlington

Marco Jungbeker, Siemens, Burlington

Demain Rebolloa von Duben, Siemens, Burlington

Ricky Law, SmartLock & Security Surveillance, Burlington

Paul Lowes, Sorensen Gravely Planning Associates, Toronto

John Best, Southern Ontario Gateway Council

Paul Sipos, Stark Architects, Mississauga

David McNaughton, Strategy Corp., Toronto

Ron Shaw, City of Stratford, Stratford

Mina Wahidi & Mr. Kim, Tansley Woods Café, Burlington

Debra Pickfield, ThinkSpot, Burlington

Tim Dobbie, Tim Dobbie Consulting, Burlington

Linda Moore, TNG Leaders

Brad Quinn, TNG Leaders

Pam Belgrade, Tourism Burlington, Burlington

Dennis Perlin, Town of Halton Hills, Halton Hills

Mario Belvedere, Town of Milton, Milton

Paul Cripps, Town of Milton, Milton

Ray Green, Town of Oakville, Oakville

Eric Lehtinen, Town of Oakville, Oakville

Dominic Lunardo, Town of Oakville, Oakville

Dave Bloomer, Town of Oakville, Oakville

Lynda Townsend, Townend & Associates, Barristers & Solicitors, Oakville

Joe Carapella, Tricar Group, London

Vic Cote, Trinity P3, London

Lesley Allison, United Way, Burlington

Robyn Knickle, United Way, Burlington

Len Lifchus, United Way, Burlington

Cathi Lacey, United Way Associate, Burlington

Gayle Cruikshank, United Way Fundraising Cabinet, Burlington

Wendy Derrick, United Way Fundraising Cabinet, Burlington

Jamie Edwards, United Way Fundraising Cabinet, Burlington

Brian Ferguson, United Way Fundraising Cabinet, Burlington

Chantel Goldsmith, United Way Fundraising Cabinet, Burlington

Sheila Jaggard, United Way Fundraising Cabinet, Burlington

Greg Jones, United Way Fundraising Cabinet, Burlington

Jason Lemaich, United Way Fundraising Cabinet, Burlington

Scott Massey, United Way Fundraising Cabinet, Burlington

Tim Miron, United Way Fundraising Cabinet Burlington

Judy Pryde, United Way Fundraising Cabinet Burlington

Richard Rizzo, United Way Fundraising Cabinet, Burlington

George Dark, Urban Strategies, Toronto

Tyler McDiarmid, Vrancor Group, Hamilton

Darko Vranich, Vrancor Group, Hamilton

Deborah Nicol, Want to Wow Gifts, Burlington

Marlaine Koehler, Waterfront Regeneration Trust, Toronto

Jamie Cook, Watson & Associates Economists, Mississauga

Bruce McNichol, Wentworth Technologies, Mississauga


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