Two candidates nominated for ward 4 – incumbent won’t be heard from until June. Kubrak might have covered the ward once by then.

By Pepper Parr

January 29th, 2014


She is different – in a pleasant direct way.  Her “stage name” nerdy socialite” is perhaps best left for her social set – it isn’t going to take her very far with the smart ward 4 set – but Alexandra Kubrak doesn’t live south of New Street.

She is a marketing and client relationship manager with several successful small business operation notches on her pistol.

Ward 4 city council candidate Alexandra Kubrak would have one of these juke boxes in her bedroom if she could find one at a decent price.

The daughter of second generation Polish people who adopted Alexandra 15 years into their marriage.  Alexandra was “Raised as the little girl but disciplined as a boy”.  Solid Catholic school background and a graduate of University of Toronto, Mississauga Campus.

After graduating she spent three months trying to find a job – didn’t find what she wanted so set out on her own and created a business she could run.

This young woman does not wait – she figure out what she wants – quickly – and moves out to take the target.  Her focus at university was “cultural communications”.  She is hep, clued in, knows a city that is a lot different from the people who currently sit on city council.

She thinks things through.  She doesn’t have a platform – yet.  She wants to listen to people first and then put together the plan she would work from to represent the ward.

She had no brave “here is what’s wrong with this city” statements.  She intends to go door to door, introducing herself and listening.  That platform will come later.

There is no sense of “entitlement” to this woman. “If you want something you have to fight for it”, she said  “If I get elected it will be because I worked my butt off, she added, then said she would wait until the weather was a bit warmer before she took to the streets.

She will get described as the “youth” candidate: that would be a mistake.  Alexandra Kubrak is young but don’t mistake her for a token that represents a demographic that usually doesn’t vote and for the most part is self-centered.  This woman is no nerd.  Smart, focused, a sense of humour and a pretty good idea as to who she is. 

The first step to getting elected is to listen – which is what Kubrak intend to do as she goes door to door – she wants to meet every voter – just wants weather that is a little warmer before she starts.

There was a time when she felt a little less than an equal but the woman you meet now comes across as proud of herself, more than confident but not cocky. She realizes she is an unknown – doesn’t bother her a bit.

For Alexandra Kubrak the next six months is a lot of hard work, listening and then pulling together what she has learned and figuring out what people want.  Then she will make some decisions.  No agenda for this candidate.

Ward 4 is going to be a tough fight for this candidate but don’t count her out.  Much will depend on who else gets into the race.


There is another candidate.


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4 comments to Two candidates nominated for ward 4 – incumbent won’t be heard from until June. Kubrak might have covered the ward once by then.

  • Eric Howard

    When she gets a handle on what the citizens want lets pray she can get informed clues on what they NEED and what is doable.

  • Stephanie Cooper-Smyth

    Congratulations on having a new target in your sights, Alexandra – and I wish you well on your journey to capture it.

    Now, being the social media ‘nerd’ that you are (or is that the medium in which you are a ‘socialite’?), I’m relatively certain you are lurking on the Burlington Gazette website, so
    how about ‘coming out’ and explaining this:

    You say you don’t have a platform….okay…so what on earth is compelling you to become the Councillor in your Ward?

    This is not an appealing position to the majority of citizens…the hours suck and the bureaucracy is stifling.

    So, what’s inside you that makes you believe that:

    a) it’s right for you (being that you’re an entrepreneur not a bureaucrat)

    b) you’d be good at it

    Considering that the Burlington Gazette has a higher readership than any other local media publication, here’s a ‘warm’ opportunity to start addressing your target (like a golfer to her ball) in advance of winter’s departure.

    kindest regards,

  • marie

    Most of know what’s wrong with our city…and we don’t need a nerdy socialite to try and figure it out! Seriously!!!

    • Martina Fuentez Coldirone

      There is nothing wrong with this city; its the people running it…..that is why it would be nice if we had some fresh blood like Ms. Kubrak to participate in the process and make people think a bit more about things….and she can show the rest of us some new ideas perhaps, maybe even a different perspective on the same old boring nonsense permeating through this city.

      Go for it Kubrak! Nerds are cool