Ward 4 Councillor risks it all for his constituents – will he live to do that again?

By Pepper Parr

BURLINGTON, ON.  February 13, 2014  The public continually asks for leadership from its politicians.  Be bold they will say – but don’t ask for too much of our money.

Be transparent and keep me informed they will demand.  Hear what I am saying and give me what I want and understand that my viewpoint is the one that matters to me.

The poor politician is stuck in the middle of all these demands and often finds that he/she can’t satisfy anyone.  The objective for a politician is to find that delicate middle ground that keeps all the natives happy and keeps the politician in office without being totally bland and looking indecisive.

Jack Dennison who has been around the horse shoe at city hall for many years has recently shown some – well he will call it leadership – but his significant other may have a different phrase.

Here is a man who puts it all on the line when it comes to keeping his constituents informed. The significant other with him in this picture might not see his Valentine’s Day plans quite the way he does.

Jack Dennison holds meetings for his constituents frequently and always hold a budget meeting where he explains the objective, give his point of view and at times gets into heated discussions with those that show up.

The events usually take place in the meeting room that has a fire-place. Jack puts out a couple of bowls of popcorn and maybe coffee. Dennison doesn’t go the coffee and loads of cookies and sweets on the table.

This year – well let’s let Jack Dennison tell his own story.

It has been my tradition as Ward 4 Councillor to hold a yearly budget information session for Ward 4 residents.  It is important for me when sitting at the Council table as your Ward 4 representative to have heard from my constituents their comments about matters – in this case, the proposed budget.  My yearly Ward 4 budget information meeting also provides residents the opportunity to meet and ask questions directly to the city’s Finance staff.

Timing of my Ward 4 meeting is of the utmost importance, as I schedule the meeting following staff information budget sessions (for Council), and prior to the Council meeting where the budget is approved.  This year, I am unfortunately in a predicament where the only evening available between the staff information budget session and the Council meeting is on the Thursday, February 14th.  I am of the opinion to proceed with the February 14th date with an early 6:30 pm start time enabling attendees to still have time to celebrate Valentine’s Day following the meeting.

Is she going to wait at home on Valentine’s Day while Jack talks to his constituents about tax increases?

Now that is a bold and decisive stand – pretty sure Jack didn’t run this one in front of the significant other.   I won’t be their.  I’m not the fearless journalist I would have to be, to go to a meeting on Valentine’s Day.  It’s roses, good wine and  triple Brie cheese for me and the Misses.  Let me know how it goes and if you’re limping on the 15th – well then we will know won’t we?

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