Washroom Availability at Tourism Office on Locust - just north of Lakeshore

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June 11th, 2021

Burlington, ON


When ya gotta – ya gotta.

toilets Beachway May 19

Lots of porta potties in the Beachway – none in the downtown core.

City council expect hundreds of people to be out on the streets and the need for access to washrooms – well there aren’t enough of them.

There is one in the building at 414 Locust that house a restaurant, the Tourism office and access to the parking garage.

City hall has found a way to open that space up to the public.


  • Significant demand of existing City provided washrooms in downtown area resulting in line-ups for use
    • Discovery Landing, City Hall, Beachway Park Pavilion+ Portable Washrooms, Spenser Smith Park Portable Washrooms (East Side)
  • Pressure on local businesses for use of their washrooms by public


  • Open washrooms at 414 Locust for public use
    • Existing COVID restrictions Only one person/family use of washroom at a time.
    • Staff monitoring occupancy flow into the lobby
  • Availability
    • June 11 – July 25 including statutory holidays

–    Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Statutory Holidays – 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.

  • Costs
        • Approximately $10,000
        • Includes City of Burlington staff and cleaning to COVID standard

    There will be signage on the street.

414 Locust

Washroom access in the tourism office.

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1 comment to Washroom Availability at Tourism Office on Locust – just north of Lakeshore

  • N

    Previously, a few years back there were a couple of portable washrooms located not far from where the gazebo is located. I am wondering why they were removed and never replaced.