Waterfront hotel site study back on - starts February 15th - details to follow

By Pepper Parr

January 27th, 2022



During the Mayor’s State of the City address early this morning we learned that the Waterfront Hotel property study that started back in 2015 and was put on a pause in 2018 – is now back on and will begin on February 15th.

This is what the intersection of Brant and Lakeshore Road might look like – south east corner

The Mayor did add that while the study is back in place – there is an application with the Planning department.  That application MUST be before council in April with a recommendation to


Approve with modification


Quite how the city managed to do next to nothing with the study – which was paid for by the developer, is something no one has ever explained.

The consequences may be terrible.

The new Burlington skyline?

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8 comments to Waterfront hotel site study back on – starts February 15th – details to follow

  • Mister Peter

    This development concept looks ok. However, this is the golden opportunity for getting the building heights up over 50+ storeys, which may happen once the development approvals process evolves after the Feb.15 date. I hope that the developer works with the City to get the buildings up over 50, 70, and maybe even 90 storeys, that would put this boring city on the map and will provide affordable housing units, protect the waterfront, and bring loads of money to the downtown commercial businesses to help them thrive since they can’t soley rely on downtown nimbys. This development should also be used to incorporate a functioning pier where boats can be parked and perhaps even build a marina with a fuel supply and groceries and a ferris wheel as a tourist attraction, like the one in Niagara Falls.

  • “How the city managed to do next to nothing with the study….. no-one ever explained.” Dejavue how the Board of Joseph Brant with city (MacIsaac at the time) and provincial reps did nothing they were required to do in terms of the legislated reporting and testing requirements. This resulted in what is still the largest number of Ontario deaths in a single infectious disease outbreak. (91+ deaths). that the public has yet to know the real reason it occurred. When governments at all levels look the other way instead of demanding accountability for those who do their best to bury the truth about the things that we as a community believe matter, no matter what it is, this pattern of irresponsible leadership – elected and appointed will continue. What will be the next revelation is what we ask ourselves knowing what the public still has to hear about. according to our city audit files.

    • Dave Turner

      I’ve started buying vinyl records again. Trying for original issues as much as possible. I gave away my collection of 60s and 70s classics in the late 80s. Silly mistake. That decision should probably be audited and the decision maker held accountable.

      But this broken record “Conspiracies & Audits” by the Marsdens will not be one I buy. I find the lyrics dull & repetitive and the melody to be dreary.

      • Mr. Turner, you obviously have not been keeping up with what has been happening at City Hall that should not have been! There are always enemies of the truth who turn a blind eye and say it never happened, hoping those who stay the course will die before they are successful in getting accountability, as many Canadians have in the past. At least if we pass before accountability is obtained we go with a clear conscience!

        • Dave Turner

          There are also those who see a conspiracy, wrongdoing, malfeasance around every corner and in every matter. is that someone crying “wolf” I hear?

          • We live by a saying my father had: Never trouble, trouble till trouble troubles you. Never look for trouble let trouble look for you. We have enough well evidenced issues that effect taxpayers and the health and safety of their families without looking for wrongdoing. We are legislation compliance auditors – both trained in our professional careers – i.e. checking the actions against what is supposed to happen according to law. We don`t have time for all those who seek our assistance in dealing with government wrongdoing as it affects the vulnerable members of their family – never mind time to go looking for problems. We hope you never find yourself in any of the situations we have been involved in as a result of elected or appointed persons turning a blind eye to the carved in stone legislated rules and bringing significant harm to vulnerable people, lots of whom served you and Canada well when called upon to do so.

  • Bob

    I sat at the intersection of Brant and Lakeshore yesterday waiting for the light to change.
    Looked to my slight left and saw the Waterfront Hotel. I didn’t count the floors but what I didn’t see was the lake. Whether the new building is built at a height of 5, 10, or 36 floors the view of the lake will be the same, so anyone arguing the height will block their view of the lake is either living in the hotel or just being a NIMBY. The only high rise building that would be affected by the height as far as view goes would be the building being built across from City Hall. Lakeshore from Brant to John is single story small stores like the coffee shop and ice cream stand and their existing view is already the Waterfront hotel. The first residential building is at the corner of Elizabeth where the city had the new hotel agree to the view of the lake along Elizabeth so their view wouldn’t be erased.

  • S. Hutchinson

    Plain and Simple, “history repeating itself!”!!! What it takes to learn from past mistakes is mind boggling and unacceptable.