What did we pay our City Councillors last year - they earned every penny of it.

By Staff

February 28th, 2022



We pay them reasonably well.

Few people understand just how hard the job of being a City Councillor is, unfortunately some don’t deliver what is required.

The seven people who lead the city have two jobs for which they are paid.  The city pays them a salary and benefits and the Region pays a salary.

They are all provided with cell phone and iPads.  The Mayor is provided with a car.

The graph below sets out what the city paid.  The Regional stipend is in the $50,000 annually range.

The General Expenses for the Mayor look high – especially given that there was no travel due to the pandemic. The members of Council are certainly not overpaid

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11 comments to What did we pay our City Councillors last year – they earned every penny of it.

  • Dave Turner

    It would be interesting to know what type of items make up the general expenses. It could be, not saying it is, but it could be that expenses Councilor Kearns incurs in mounting her monthly virtual ward meetings contribute to her general expenses figure. Do any other councilors put on such resident meetings incurring similar expenses?

    Aa with any expense figure there are two possible views on it. One is overspending, where the expenses may be viewed as extravagant. Or on the flip side, money that might have been spent in the legitimate and beneficial interest of the ward residents is not spent and so the residents are undeserved.

  • Alfred

    Congratulations to councilor Sharman for spending the least amount of the taxpayers dollars. While doing the best job. Clearly the most knowledgeable councilor in all things that matter in Burlington.

  • Sharon

    Wish I could agree that some of these salaries were deserved!

    • Bruce Leigh

      Whether one agrees with their positions on any of the numerous subjects they must take positions upon, each and everyone deserves every penny they receive. They deserve the money simply for the very long hours they must put in. But more than that the work load is immense.

      In today’s executive world $125,000 to $130,000 is very much at the bottom end of executive Remuneration. For comparison Google Sunshine List. There you will find a list of Ontario public sector employees who are paid $100,000 or more.

  • perryb

    It would be interesting to know why the councillors are paid different amounts. Is it the population they serve, committee positions they hold, or …?

    Editor’s note: It has to do with their age – there are benefits they do not get because they are over 60 (or is it 65)

  • Peter Rusin

    That’s pretty good for people who have zero experience, and zero competence in governing land use policies and development. Could you imagine how much they would get paid if they actually know something about provincial legislation dealing with the Planning Act and development. And imagine if they knew something about how to deal with affordable housing, instead of freezing housing development for almost 4 years. These jokers should be paid on experience, competence, merit, and performance. Best paying job this mayor will ever have.

  • Philip Waggett

    My bad–I wonder how many other people missed it? Had it been in the chart under a separate column, perhaps the communication would have been more clear–or maybe I’m just a bad reader.

  • Joan Gallagher-Bell

    Clarification please. In one sentence Region pays a salary then the word is stipend. Different taxes unless there is some change since I retired (just tired).

  • Phil Waggett

    However, it would be helpful if your data showed the COMPLETE picture on remuneration since councillors receive compensation for their roles on the Regional Government–IN ADDITION to what you have indicated above.

    Editor’s note: You missed the sentence that said:
    The Regional stipend is in the $50,000 annually range.

    • Bruce Leigh

      Nice one Editor


      • Bruce Leigh

        Joan Gallagher-Bell What does it matter to you or me what it is called. How much they are paid is what’s important. Concentrate on the important things. But for your benefit (pun) Stipend – noun – a fixed regular sum paid as a salary or allowance. You ok now?

        Peter Rusin – someone that obviously has zero worthwhile to contribute to this type of converstation. If you think you could do a better job you should run for councilor or even mayor. Oh yeah, wait. That’s right you’ve tried for both of those meeting with not so much success. Legend in your own mind !