What Makes Burlington So Special to an Outsider?

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July 24th, 2020



Burlington is a pleasant city in Ontario, bang on the border. To many people, passing through Burlington doesn’t include stopping in the city, but this trend may just be changing. Located near a lake and offering picturesque scenery, Burlington is becoming a more desired place to visit and hang around or so TripAdvisor’s rating for the city would suggest. Burlington, of course, won’t stop you from doing what you love best even if you are passing by. Many people come as a sort of getaway. The city offers quite a few pleasant eateries, a close-knit but discrete community and quality Wi-Fi. If you love gaming online, you won’t have any trouble staying in Burlington and benefiting from the quality Internet, whether you want to play roulette or enjoy a quick session in Fortnite.

Burlington has a simple look that allows the city to meld with nature and create a unique place. While economic opportunities are fewer than some busy hubs across the country, the city has such a strong pull that even tourists want to stay a little while longer and not leave.


Royal Botanical Garden: Acre upon acre of gardens.

This natural beauty that Burlington exudes is the city’s character. Thanks to the continuous efforts of citizens, the city has turned into a truly outstanding place to live. There are many places to see including the Royal Botanical Gardens that you could easily spend a ful day wandering the close to 100 acres of trails and gardens that are world class.

Art Gallery of Burlington has one of the best collections of ceramics in the country and a Gift Shop with a delightful number of original jewelry and cloth items on sale. The quality is exceptional.

Most people tend not to miss out on the Rattlesnake Point Conservation Area or Mt Nemo; a point from which you can see the CN Tower in Toronto – miles away..

There was a move to locvated the Freeman Station on a site in Spencer Smith PArk at a spot close to where the old railway line ran into Maple Stree and curved north close to the Burlington Art Centre but that failed when the then Council members for Wards 1 and 2 chose not to annoy the tenants in nearby apartment buildings.

Spencer Smith Park runs along the edge of Lake Ontario. A favorite for every visitor – a place to enjoy the scenery and relax on a park bench.

If you do love being near the water Spencer Smith Park and its walking paths that take you all the way to the canal that borders Hamilton, a neighbouring city.

The canal is the opening from Lake Ontario into Hamilton Harbour, a thriving port that has five to six new ship arrivals each day.

Burlington’s Making a Dent on the Map
Burlington’s definitely doing well on tourist platforms, such as TripAdvisor. The city has been reviewed by tourists repeatedly and today, you can expect to find an outstanding variety of tastes, food and more.

There is a fantastic selection of meals available in Burlington as well as drinking dens. If you are looking for cheap eateries, you can definitely rely on Burlington to deliver. Surprisingly, all of Burlington’s cheap eats are quality work and you will definitely not want to miss out on them, including D Hot Shoppe, Russell Williams Restaurants, Halifax Donair, and Zesty Pita & Burgers.

One of the prime places to just enjoy the city is on the north side of Lakeshore looking out over ther lake. This could be a social spot in almost anyone of the prime tourist destinations in Europe or North America - buit it is right here in Burlington.

One of the prime places to just enjoy the city is on the north side of Lakeshore looking out over the lake. This could be a social spot in almost anyone of the prime tourist destinations in Europe or North America – but it is right here in Burlington.

If you’re lucky you might find a spot on the patios that overlook the lake and serves as hone to several very good restaurants.  Pepperwoods is worth making a reservation at.

Cheap, though, doesn’t mean lack of quality, and you will quickly realize that the tastes offered in Burlington are always a delight. You should try Loondocks, Kelly’s Bake Shoppe, Amaya Express and so many others!

After travellers have had a hearty bite, they usually want to head for the lake, which promises to be one of the most amazing sights in the city. You will definitely appreciate the city.

If you are really looking for a place to relax, then you will be absolutely thrilled to visit any of the spas that are so highly rated on TripAdvisor. Most visitors agree that Sanctuary Day Spas is the best you can go to right now and TripAdvisor is not wrong. Nevertheless, whatever the spa you pick in Burlington, you can expect a quality service.

For fine dining options, you should visit Lord Nelson’s Seafood-Steak, Spencer’s at the Waterfront, Napoleon’s Steak & Seafood House or West Plains Bistro  – all of these are great places to go get yourself a healthy bite that will definitely be worth your while.

Don’t hesitate to explore Burlington in its entire beauty and enjoy the many delights that the local community has developed for passers-by and tourists who want to stick around for a fair while and enjoy themselves.

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1 comment to What Makes Burlington So Special to an Outsider?

  • Judy

    We are certainly blessed to be involved with the community highlighted are many of the wonderful assets off the city. The geography provides a jewel with the waterfront that must be protected. And enhanced And polished “IF WE BUILD IT THEY WILL COME”
    Not mentioned is the potential of the downtown Brant street is not the only street that can provide the ambiance that the we all crave examples are provided throughout the province in Ottawa even downtown Oakville can give us guidance. Take a trip to to Montreal and and visit crescent street st Denis street etc etc and see what is possible. Tall building do not bring the tourists it is the city’s ambient atmosphere that attracts.
    Widen the side walks. Eliminate the street parking south of Caroline and the Ultimate goal is to ensure that the water hotel is purchased by the residents and the land adapted for the masses
    Just a thought. Be bold just do it