What was learned during the Statutory meeting on the Waterfront Hotel site development application?

By Pepper Parr

February 23rd, 2022



A Statutory Meeting is required under the Planning Act to allow the public to learn what a development application is about.

During these meetings the city planning department sets out what the application is asking for and what the current Official Plan and Zoning bylaw permits.

Wednesday evening the city presented the following two slides;

The difference between what is permitted under the current in-force Official Plan and what the developer wants is astounding.














Direct staff to continue to process the submitted applications for Official Plan and Zoning By-law Amendments for 2020 Lakeshore Road, including evaluating and incorporating any/all comments received by Committee and the public at the Statutory Public Meeting, as well as the comments received through the ongoing
technical review of this application by agency partners and internal departments.

Plan B, a small citizen group gave an excellent delegation that highlighted just how much the developer is asking and how little they are prepared to give.

The application makes mention of narrowing Lakeshore Road.

They realize that they have to provide some parkland – and have suggested cash in lieu of land would be satisfactory.

This is a complex story, not all that easy to follow yet critical in terms of what the downtown core of the city will look like and what in the way of impact it will have on Spencer Smith Park.

What was disappointing was just how little members of Council had to say when there was an opportunity for them to make comments.  Mayor Meed Ward spoke as did ward 2 Councillor Lisa Kearns and Councillor Nisan.  The others appeared to be mute.

More to come on this one.

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6 comments to What was learned during the Statutory meeting on the Waterfront Hotel site development application?

  • Susie

    8 Storeys is an acceptable height for planning and design of development on a direct lakefront site. The City’s entitlement of parkland should help to define and align the development area incorporating the Thin Red Line for the proper streetscape views.

  • Joanna Elliott

    I agree with the gazette
    8 stories is high enough

  • perryb

    Some Councillors were mute. Could it be possible that those whose wards are not affected by this development are looking ahead to elections and potential donors?

    • Don Fletcher

      Not sure? I thought tapestry-embraced Paul Sharman was “nodding off” during the meeting. Definitely, not a good look for a seasoned City Councilor!

      • Bruce Leigh

        Councilor Sharman did not need to listen because as a “highly informed” person he likely would not learn anything. LOL