What will it look like and how do you get up on the platform: All is revealed.

By Pepper Parr

BURLINGTON, ON.  April 23, 2013.  The city is arranging for a media tour of the pier on May 30th at 4:30 in the afternoon.  If you’ve been a loyal reader of Our Burlington you’ve been able to follow every step of the construction process since the new contractor was named in back in 2011

This is what the node on the pier is going to look like when it is completed – by June 15th.  There will be stairs leading up to the upper level.  The beacon will be strung with LED lights that will be managed by a computer allowing for all kinds of variations.  The beacon and why is it there? That’s an embarrassing question.

Pictures of a construction site are just a snap shot of where he work was that day.  The end result is at times difficult to get a sense of.  If you look south on Brant Street towards the lake, the trees block the view and all you see now is a tall white structure and perhaps wonder why it is there.

If you look at the pier from the west, say from about where the Burlington Art Centre is located, you see what the end result is going to look like.

The major feature will be the node and the beacon that rises out of it.

Construction workers “fly in” the first of two pieces that will form the beacon that will sit atop the node.  Craig Stevens the project manager on this counts the days to the opening – there were 43 days to go when this picture was taken.

We have published pictures of the work week by week.

This architectural rendering will give you a glimpse of what that node is going to look like when it is completed – which is scheduled to be 40 some off days from now.

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