When they say “red light” they aren’t talking about a district – they’re talking about your wallet and the fines they will impose.

By Pepper Parr

BURLINGTON, ON  March 8, 2012   The first red light camera in Halton Region is up and running to remind drivers to stop at red lights. This is the first of 12 red light cameras the Region is planning to install over the next two years to help improve road safety.

From left to right: Halton Chief of Police, Gary Crowell; Oakville Councillor Marc Grant; Oakville Mayor Rob Burton; Halton Regional Chair Gary Carr; and Oakville Councillors Tom Adams and Max Khan. Note that the only people smiling are the politicions. The police chief is going to have to enforce this law.

“The fact that there’s at least one collision every week in Halton Region caused by a red light runner is not acceptable to us,” said Halton Regional Chair Gary Carr. “We want to save lives and make our roads a safer place to be. Running red lights is not only dangerous, it’s also illegal.”

To help improve road safety across Halton, Halton Region has worked with the Halton Regional Police Service on various road safety programs in the past addressing issues such as speeding and drinking and driving.

Red light cameras take photos of red light runners 24 hours a day, seven days a week, but only operate when a vehicle enters the intersection after the light has turned red.

Burlington is to get its Red Light camera March 19th when there will be a photo op at Brant and Dundas.

No mention was made in the press release on how much was spent on these red light runner detectors.

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