Where is the snow plow now - city has an app that lets you know

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January 12th, 2020



Residents can now use an online application to track the progress of snow clearing operations and see which streets have been recently been plowed, sanded or salted through the use of the Burlington Plow Tracker.

The Burlington Plow Tracker provides snow clearing updates using Automatic Vehicle Locating (AVL) technology to track the progress of the City’s plows as they maintain roads.

Now you can find out just where that plow is and when it might get to your street.

When plows pass over a road, the colour of the road on the map changes to indicate a plow is operating in the area. As the clean-up continues, roads throughout the city will change colour until all plowing is complete.

The Burlington Plow Tracker can be found at burlington.ca/snow.

Parking During the Winter

When a Snow Event is declared (when accumulation is 7.5 cm or more), there is no parking on any city streets until after the Snow Event has been declared over. The City thanks residents for their cooperation to move their vehicles off city streets to help with snow clearing operations. Residents who park their cars on streets blocking snow removal could be faced with a $120 parking ticket or be towed.

All existing parking exemptions are invalid during Snow Events.

Snow Events and parking restrictions are announced through the City’s social media as well as through Snow Control Updates which can be found at burlington.ca/snow. Snow Control Updates can also be emailed to any resident who subscribes.

To sign up for Snow Control Updates and other important notices, go to burlington.ca/enews.

 Enrico Scalera, Director of Roads, Parks and Forestry explains”  “The City’s snow clearing operations proceed on a priority system where busier roads such as Brant Street, Walkers Line, New Street and Upper Middle Road are addressed first, followed by secondary and local residential streets. Through the use of our new AVL system, we have the opportunity to increase oversight of our operations and improve the overall quality of services delivered to the residents of Burlington.”

Links and Resources

Snow clearing: burlington.ca/snow

Direct link to Burlington Plow Tracker: burlington.focus511.com/


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1 comment to Where is the snow plow now – city has an app that lets you know

  • Alan Harrington

    Know Snow Plow Now. Wow!

    Not sure this is correct?

    According to the tracker >> RIGHT NOW << 2022/1/13 – 18:51 pm .

    ALL primary Burlington roads Coloured GREEN have been snow plowed in the past 24 hours.

    But – there has been NO snow to plow in the past few days??

    Either the map has not been reset?
    Or plows are plowing dry roads?
    Or there's a Glitch in the Matrix?

    What the deal?