Where the new development will be located is getting clearer - not downtown.

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April 6th, 2021



Another one of those weeks.

Council meets for three days in a row as Standing Committee. This is where all the grinding takes place. Recommendations come out of a Standing Committee, then they go to Council where they are voted upon and become the bylaws of the city.

It isn’t quite that smooth – but on balance as a process it works.

Planners from the Region were on hand to today to talk about the growth plans for the Region and what that is going to mean for the city.

The Region is required to grow from a population of 595,000 to 1.1 million by 2051.

Benson 2Just where they will live and where will they work were the issues driving a very in-depth, detailed study that Region Planner Curt Benson took council through this morning.

THAT is complex stuff.

One of the reports set out what the boundaries are going to be for the MTSA – Major Transit Stagnation Areas, which for Burlington are going to be located at the GO station.

There will be three MTSA’s in Burlington.  Besides the Burlington GO there will be one at Aldershot GO and Appleby GO.

The boundaries are quite a bit bigger than many people thought they were going to be.

Burlington MTSA

Aldershot MTSA

Appleby MTSA

The transit terminal on John Street is not among the MTSA’s – it will remain a bus stop, albeit a busy one, nothing more.

Urban Growth boundary Oct 20

The Urban Growth Centre got moved north – many said it couldn’t be done. The boundary is pretty clear in this illustration.

The boundary for the Urban Growth Centre shifted a little as well.

The battle to put an end to the high rise towers has basically been one.

There are concerns about three developments – the CORE development that sits inside the football between Lakeshore Road and Old Lakeshore Road and the Carnacelli development planned for the east end of the football as well as a second Carnacelli development on the north side of Lakeshore Road at Pearl.  Those are battles that fall outside the limits of the Urban Growth Boundary.

The plans to tear down the Waterfront Hotel and put high rise structures in that space has yet to come to the table.

When it does the Plan B people who live in the downtown core have a solution.

Those are battles that are sometime in the future – perhaps as much as a decade.


Plan B rendering

The objective was to ensure that the view south to the lake from Brant Street was unobstructed. The Waterfront Hotel would come down and new buildings would be built in what is now the Waterfront parking lot.

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2 comments to Where the new development will be located is getting clearer – not downtown.

  • Susan Corrigan

    Seems Lisa has been drinking the developer koolaid. Would be helpful if she googled reviews for CVL and their sleazy company before she makes nice with them. There are things going on in this town she will never be privy to.


    What!!! Three more huge buildings on the waterfront!! This will certainly take the shine off “The Jewel” of Burlington.

    With so many people using Spencer Smith Park we need more walking space, not more concrete.
    There are so so many high rises going up in Burlington now, I do not think we need 3 more, especially on the waterfront, “The Jewel” of Burlington.
    Former mayor, Rick Goldring stated that the city had the money to buy this piece of land for the people. Is this not so now?

    Plan B is not going to make any difference. Huge buildings blocking “The Jewel” of Burlington is a terrible idea. Way not a library or the AGB? One Small building.

    A vote is on the horizon for Council and Mayor. I hope all candidates have an interest in keeping the waterfront safe from developers!!